About Bengal Cat Club

Bengal Cat Club was created by a group of individuals who absolutely love the Bengal breed.  It all started when we tried to find information about Bengal cats and had a difficult time finding updated information to specific questions we have.  Seeing an opportunity, we decided to create a website that answered the questions we had and more.

Our Mission

The goal of the Bengal Cat Club isn't to make money, it's primary focus is, and always will be, to ensure the well-being of the Bengal breed.

Due to this, our goal at Bengal Cat Club is really three different goals:

  1. Educate individuals who are considering adopting a Bengal cat or kitten
  2. Review Bengal cat breeding programs to ensure that they are safe and reputable
  3. Match potential adopters to reputable breeders and help get more Bengal cats adopted to loving homes

Finally, although it isn't a goal, we are also aiming to create a community around Bengal Cat enthusiasts.  It really doesn't matter if you're a breeder, owner, or potential owner, we just want to connect everyone who loves the Bengal breed and we recommend that you join our Facebook community if this best describes you.