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Where do bengal cats originate from

Where Do Bengal Cats Originate From?

The Bengal cats’ country of origin isn’t exactly an easy thing to explain. The short answer is the United States specifically created the name “Bengal” but there is a lot of interesting history behind the use of the name for the breed. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at this history and where […]

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Do bengal cats make good pets

Do Bengal Cats Make Good Pets?

There have been a lot of different things written about Bengal cats and the types of characteristics they tend to exhibit. However, not many have given much information on just what these cute cats are truly like to share a home with. We hope to be able to give you a little more information on […]

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How many kittens do bengal cats have

How Many Kittens Do Bengal Cats Have?

Ever wondered where the Bengal cats litter size falls when compared to other breeds? Whether you’re breeding Bengals or just curious as to how many siblings the Bengal you love has, it can be an interesting thing to consider. Litter size can say a lot about the mother cat (otherwise known as “queen”) as well […]

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