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Bengal Cat Calendar – International Shipments

Most of our fulfillment needs are handled by, but that doesn’t work for our international audience who is looking for our calendar.  Due to this, we are now offering to send shipments internationally once per week for our international customers.

The total cost of the calendar to be sent internationally is $39, and this includes FREE shipping to anywhere in the world.

If you’re interested in getting this calendar overseas, complete the steps below:

  1.  Send a Paypal payment of $39.00 to
  2. Send an email to us of your full mailing address (whatever you write here is what we will put on the customs information).  Email this information to:
  3. Be advised that we ship once on Thursday or Friday of each week through the United States Parcel Service (USPS).

Why does this cost so much?

We know, $39 is pretty steep for a calendar.  We’ve heard your feedback and wanted to take the time to explain our fees so that people understand why we are charging this much.

$19 average international shipping cost

$3.50 packaging cost

$7.27 printing fee for each unit

Total cost: $29.77

The price we are charging gives a profit of $9.23 per calendar.  This pays us to recover our costs and for the time/work it takes to drop these off at the post office and fill out the requested forms, which are required for international shipments.

Again, thank you for your support!  We appreciate it.