bengal cat paws everything you want to know

Bengal Cat Paws – Everything You Want to Know

  • October 31, 2023

Have you ever wondered about Bengal cat paws? You don’t have to own a Bengal cat to know that kitty paws are absolutely adorable, but are Bengal cat paws different from other kitty paws? If so, how?

We’re here to answer all of these questions for you, and give you everything you want to know about Bengal cat paws.

This blog post will cover:

  • What Do They Use Their Paws For?
  • How Big are Their Paws?
  • What Color are They?
  • What Shape are They?
  • Are They Webbed?

What Do They Use Their Paws For?

There are a number of things that Bengal cats use their paws for, so we’re just going to cover a few of the most important ones. Any way you look at it, their paws are well-adapted for survival.


In the wild, Bengal cats need to hunt to survive, and their paws help them to so in several ways. Their soft paw pads and the fact that cats walk only on their toes allow them to walk silently so they can more easily sneak up on their prey. They’re extremely sensitive and may even pick up vibrations to be able to tell how close their quarry is. This sensitivity also helps a Bengal cat know if their prey is still alive.


A Bengal cat’s front claws angle inward when they extend them, which allows them to get a good grip onto the tree’s trunk and branches as they climb. This not only helps them get up high so they can look for prey, but it also allows them to escape from danger and watch over their territory. This inward angling of their claws is why Bengal cats climb backwards down trees.


It’s important for Bengal cats to groom themselves because it helps keep them clean, but since they can’t reach behind their ears with their tongues, they need to get creative, which is why they use their paws. They simply lick their front paws, then swipe them behind their ears and across their face to keep these areas as clean as the rest of them.

To help your Bengal cat groom themselves, you might consider getting a cat brush. It not only helps your cat stay clean, but is also a good bonding experience.

Keeping Cool

An important part of how cats regulate their body temperature is through their paws. They do this by sweating through their paw pads. This is one of several ways that cats can keep themselves cool, but it’s an important one. It’s yet another way that Bengal cats use their paws.


Bengal cats communicate with other cats and humans in a variety of ways, including meowing. One way is through their paws, like when they touch their owner to get attention or scratch them when they’re upset. It’s important to pay attention when your Bengal cat is trying to tell you something so you can react accordingly.

Another way Bengal cats use their paws to communicate is by scent. Bengal cats have scent glands in their paw pads, and part of why Bengal cats occasionally destroy furniture is that they’re marking their territory with their scent to let other cats know who lives there. Getting your Bengal cat a scratching post lets them follow their instinct to scratch without destroying your couch.

Here’s a video of a Bengal cat climbing a tree and scratching it to let other cats know they’ve been there:

How Big are Their Paws?

Compared to normal housecats, a Bengal cat should have big paws. This is one of the characteristics that they get from their wild ancestors. Although they shouldn’t have enormous paws, they should be noticeably larger than a typical cat’s paws. However, since some breeders focus on coat patterns rather than physical characteristics like paw size, your Bengal cat may not have ideal paws in terms of size.

What Color are They?

The fur color of a Bengal cat’s paws will always match their coat, so a silver Bengal, for example, will have silver-colored paws. However, something that all Bengal cats share is that their paw pads are black, making it one of the ways that you can identify Bengal cats. Keep in mind that there are other cats that have black paw pads as well, so this trait is not unique to the Bengal cat.

What Shape are They?

The shape of a Bengal’s paws is another way that Bengal cats differ from other breeds of cats. They should be rounded compared to other cats’ paws. While most cats will have a paw that extends in a straight line from their leg, the Bengal cat’s paws will come out slightly at the sides to create that rounded shape, something else they get from their wild relatives.

Are They Webbed?

Because Bengal cats originate in part from the Asian Leopard Cat, it’s important to look to them for many of the traits that Bengal cats have. Since the Asian Leopard Cats have webbed feet, then Bengals can also have webbed feet. It comes from the fact that these cats often swim, which is why Bengals love water. Although not all Bengal cats have webbed feet, many of them do.

Here is a Bengal kitten playing and swimming in water:

Summary – Bengal Cat Paws

Now you know everything you could want to know about Bengal cat paws. They are important for a number of things that a Bengal cat needs to do to survive and stay healthy.

When you compare a Bengal’s paws to other cats, you will see that they are big and round, have black paw pads, and may be webbed.

Did you learn something new about Bengal cat paws? Does your Bengal cat have webbed feet? Let us know in the comments below; we’d love to hear from you!

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