Do bengal cats kill mice

Do Bengal Cats Kill Mice?

  • March 21, 2023

Whether a potential Bengal cat owner wants to control their mouse population, has too many mice and wants a new feline friend, or just wants a unique pet cat, a Bengal cat is a great choice. But getting a mouser and taking care of it isn’t as easy as it seems. Safety and inherited traits go a long way in this topic for Bengal cat so let’s look into it with these topics:

  • Why would they be good?
  • Safe Moussing
  • What Really Matters

Why would they be good?

As we’ve known, Bengal cats are a hybridization of an Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) and a domestic cat. This combination is what elicits many of the best Bengal traits, the mixture of wild and domestic producing a domesticated pet as well as a unique and enthusiastic cat.

Since domestic cats are already known mousers, a Bengal cat should be a natural mouse hunter anyway. But their ALC ancestry can bring out even more of that hunting exceptionality. This breeding combination can produce a house cat that is an exceptional mouser while still being a great feline friend. If this is what a Bengal enthusiast or potential owner is looking for in a cat, then a Bengal could be the best potential house pet for that person.

Check out the video below to see a Bengal cat demonstrating its exceptional moussing ability:

Mouser Bengals may not just hunt mice though, and this is important to keep in mind if small pets live in the home as well. Chipmunks, moles, squirrels, bats, and birds have fallen prey to the quick and elusive Bengal too. This effective hunter may also be the stereotypical mouser who brings these carcasses to its owner as a present.

When a Bengal cat is an effective hunter, the home or local mice population likely will take a hit. If for whatever reason, this is not wanted, getting a quick and adept hunter like the Bengal would be unwanted. A moussing Bengal won’t limit itself to a certain number of mice a day.

A moussing Bengal also won’t stop if the owner becomes irritated or tired of finding “presents”. So if a prospective Bengal thinks they may become tired of their Bengal’s “kindness”, this needs to be considered.

Some cats, and Bengals because of their hunting prowess, may make a game out of hunting mice. They may chase a mouse around the house, taunt it, or corner it. It may border on the sadistic even, the way the cat terrorizes the mouse before finally killing it. If this could or would become a problem for a prospective Bengal owner and mouse sympathizer, this needs to be kept in mind when looking into the Bengal cat breed.

Safe Moussing

Moussing can also pose a risk to the cat involved. A Bengal enrapt in chasing and catching a mouse may not notice an upcoming wall and run face first into it.

Supervising an outdoor Bengal can help to keep the cat safe. This could include spending time outside in a contained area or taking walks on a leash. Even simple measures can keep a mouser from potentially finding danger or injury when focusing on the task they see in front of them.

What Really Matters

It really just comes down to the cat. Sure, the breed may be notoriously gifted at moussing, but an individual cat may not be the best at hunting. Two Bengals can vary substantially in their ability to hunt effectively.

According to Pet Helpful, all cats are born with an instinct to chase which can be increased by having the wild ALC traits. But the frequency or interest at which these cats present this hunting urge depends on whether the behavior is encouraged or not.

It will have the urge to chase prey, but the killing and/or eating of the prey is a behavior that must be taught to the cat, usually by the mother. The mother, or in some kitten lives it is the foster or replacement mom, teaches the kittens to hunt and what to do with the prey once it is caught.

The Bengal cat’s life situation as it grows can make or break a proficient hunter and mouser. This part of a Bengal’s life may end up being what really matters when making a Bengal into a mouser.

Keeping a Bengal cat safe when it is on the hunt is a very important task that needs to be kept in mind for all Bengal cat owner, enthusiasts, and prospective owners, especially if the cat involved is a very task oriented type of cat or is a proficient hunter. Keeping in mind the draw backs involved in owning a mouser is also very important when looking into, buying, or adopting a Bengal cat.

So, what do you think about Bengal cats and mice killing?  Do you agree with what was said here?  Comment below to let us know!

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