Do bengal cats like car rides

Do Bengal cats like car trips?

  • March 14, 2023

Cats may be adventurous, especially Bengal cats because they tend to be less afraid of exploration than most domestic cats. However, when it comes to car rides, that could be a little bit different situation. Cats are totally different than dogs when it comes to riding in cars. Dogs just seem to be naturals at it and cats often times are just the opposite. Even though most cats truly hate to travel, the Bengal cat with it’s high intelligence and more adventurous spirit might be a little easier to train when it comes to riding in cars. Here’s what we’ll cover in this post:

  • Do Bengal Cats Like Car Rides?
  • Make Sure Your Bengal Loves Its Carrier
  • Get Your Bengal Ready for Riding in a Car

Do Bengal Cats Like Car Rides?

The answer here right off the bat would be, more than likely not. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no hope that you can’t get your Bengal accustomed to rides in your car and maybe who knows even enjoy it. It really will depend upon the individual personality of your Bengal. However, remember that many cats, including Bengals often feel uncomfortable when they travel in a car.

If you really want your cat to learn to like car rides then it will be up to you to make traveling in the car a lot less stressful for your Bengal. The best thing is to start at an early age if that’s possible. It’s much easier to teach a Bengal kitten to be accustomed to riding in a car than an older adult.  Even though your Bengal may be an adult, there’s still hope. See the video below showing a Bengal kitten riding in a car. (Probably not the safest way to travel with your cat but it does show that they can learn to love it.):

Make Sure Your Bengal Loves Its Carrier

One of the best and safest ways you can travel with your Bengal is by using a carrier. This will cut down on distracting you as the driver and will also cut down on the risks of your cat getting injured while traveling.

The important thing here is that you need to make sure that your Bengal loves its carrier. You don’t want to have to force them into it when you leave home. That’s only going to make the car ride even worse for them. So, it’s important that you teach your cat to enjoy being in their crate.

It’s important that your cat is trained to go in the crate on their own. As soon as you get a crate for your Bengal teach them that it’s their “safe place” to go whenever they feel the need to find a place that offers peace and quiet. You can make the carrier much more inviting if you first place their food outside of it.

Then when your Bengal starts to get used to the crate being around move the food inside of the carrier. With each meal you can then push it further and further back into it until your Bengal is totally inside of it eating the food without being nervous. With a Bengal cat, this really shouldn’t take too long because of their high intelligence.

After your Bengal looks more relaxed in the carrier you can then just use treats they really enjoy and drop them into the carrier during the day. This allows your Bengal to start exploring the carrier on their own. Sometimes it can help if you put an interactive toy they enjoy that holds treats in it.

Once your Bengal seems to be use to the carrier you should make sure that you put some really nice and comfortable bedding inside of it. You want to make it as cozy and inviting as you can for your Bengal. After your Bengal starts laying on this comfy bedding you can then start closing the door, but just for short periods of time. Make sure that your cats favorite treat is in the carrier with them when you shut the door.

After they seem totally comfortable with being in the carrier with the door shut you will then want to practice moving the carrier with your Bengal in it so they learn what it feels like to move while in the carrier. Make sure to reward them for staying calm during the process.

Get Your Bengal Ready for Riding in the Car

The next step is to get your cat ready for riding in your car. Have your Bengal get in the carrier and then take them out to the car and put the carrier in the car. If your Bengal is still nice and calm then shut the door and open it again and see if they’re still calm. If they are then you can get in the car and start up the engine and turn it off.

After that just pull the car out of the driveway and then pull back in and see what the reaction might be. If your Bengal is still nice and calm, then you are on the right track.

Taking this slow is going to ensure that your cat will stay calm and be less stressed out about the experience. The more positive it is the better your cat is going to eventually enjoy car rides. Once you feel your Bengal is ready to take it a step further you will want to start off with some short car rides.

Just try taking a ride around the block or go to a coffee drive through for a quick cup of coffee and see how they react to this short little trip. Always make sure that you reward your cat for their good and calm behavior. This way, they will associate traveling in the car with something enjoyable.

Even though the videos in this post show the cats not being restrained and seem to really be enjoying their ride in their cars, it’s not recommended that you allow your cat to do this. There are just too many things that can go wrong if you do.

As brave as most Bengals might be, there still could be something that startles them when you’re traveling and this could cause them to try and get on the floor of the car and get in the way of the gas and break pedals. This could cause an accident and you both could be injured. So, please make sure that your cat is well protected when traveling with you in your car.

After you have gotten your Bengal used to small trips and if they tend to seem to enjoy it, then it’s time to take them on longer trips. Eventually you may end up with a Bengal cat that truly enjoys the excitement of traveling and you could end up with a very faithful and loyal traveling companion.

Final Note: Even though your Bengal is in a carrier make sure that you have their collar or leash on them with an ID tag as well as a leash. This is for their own safety and if your cat is leash trained, you may want to take them somewhere they can go for a nice walk with you.

So, did this answer your question about whether or not Bengals like riding in a car? Please let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below.

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