Do bengal cats pee in the house

Do Bengal Cats Pee in the House?

  • March 7, 2023

All cats are extremely clean animals and generally do not have any issues with learning to go in a litter box. This is especially true when it comes to Bengal cats. They tend to be even more particular about where they go and how clean their litter box is. In fact, with a Bengal cat you may find that you have to clean their litter box several times a day, or you could end up with your Bengal finding other places to go. In this post we will cover the following:

  • Medical Reasons for Your Bengal to Urinate Elsewhere
  • Emotional and Behavioral Reasons They’re Urinating Elsewhere
  • Check Your Cats Litter Box
  • What to Do if Your Bengal Urinates in the House

Medical Reasons for Your Bengal to Urinate Elsewhere

Probably one of the most common reasons you should consider when it comes to your Bengal urinating in the house, is a medical problem. Since cats, especially Bengals, are so picky about where they go to the bathroom, a well trained Bengal usually doesn’t just start peeing wherever they feel like it. Here are a few of the things that might be causing your Bengal to behave in this manner and ask the vet to check for:

  • You should check to see if your Bengal is suffering from a UTI or urinary tract infection. This is quite common in fact. This infection will cause your Bengal a lot of pain and they often will refuse to use their litter boxes. You also might notice that your Bengal seems to be training when they go pee and hardly anything may come out. When they go and pee in the house, it’s their only way to communicate something is wrong. If the UTI isn’t treated it will cause scarring and these scars will take up room in their bladder and this gives them less room in their bladder for their urine.
  • Kidney stones and kidney infections are also quite common. You need to see if they strain to pee, pee a lot more than normal or if there is blood in the urine. This all could mean there’s a kidney issue and needs to be treated.
  • Your Bengal also might have a bacterial infection especially if your Bengal is older and this is also known as cystitis and needs treatment from a vet.
  • Another thing might be that your Bengal could have diabetes. If this is left untreated it could kill your Bengal. So if your cat seems to be thirsty a lot and won’t use the litter box after using it before you might want to check with your vet to see if your Bengal is a diabetic.

Emotional and Behavioral Reasons They’re Urinating Elsewhere

If you know for sure that there is nothing medically wrong with your Bengal cat and they are still peeing all over the house, then you may have to consider that it’s a behavioral issue. Your Bengal might be nervous or stressed out about something. Often wen they are stressed out they will go and pee in other places other than their litter boxes. Of course when this is the case, it’s a lot more frustrating to try and fix. As mad as it might make you, you can’t blame them for their actions, you have to try to figure out what it is that’s upsetting your cat.

You need to stop and think if there’s been any major changes in your home that could be upsetting your Bengal. One big stressor can be moving into a new home. Often times this can really make it difficult for your cat to adjust. Another thing to consider is have their been a new family members added, especially that of another cat. Even though Bengals are very social, sometimes if a new member is added after a long period of your Bengal being the only one can make them feel threatened and peeing all over the house is their way of acting out and letting you know they’re unhappy.

Sometimes it can simply be one of territorial disputes between two cats. Often if your Bengal feels someone else has taken claim to their territory, that means their litter box as well, they will feel very unwelcome in their home. If another cat is using their litter box, they may no longer want to use it for that reason. Your Bengal then may feel they’re forced to find another place to go. In this situation, it’s best to get separate litter boxes.

Check Your Cats Litter Box

Probably the most common reason why your Bengal is not using their litter box is because you may not be keeping it as clean as you should. Remember, Bengals are very picky when it comes to being clean. It’s really important that you make sure that you keep a constant vigil on their litter box:

  • If the litter in the box is dirty or you’ve put too much in it or even too little in it, your Bengal might start to look for someplace else to go to the bathroom. For Bengals you really need to clean out the litter box each day. Their sense of smell is far stronger than ours and if the box smells bad, they’re not going to use it. Also, make sure you use the unscented litter, most cats don’t seem to like the scented kind.
  • Another thing you need to do is make sure that it’s easy for your Bengal to access their litter box. If their box is in a place that it’s difficult to get to or they feel cramped, or if the box is too small for them, they’re not really going to want to use it. You can solve this issue by having two boxes or just go out and get a bigger box and then place in an area that gives them plenty of room to get in and out of it.
  • Cats really like privacy, especially Bengals when they go to the bathroom. Make sure the box isn’t in a high traffic area and you should have it in a part of your home that’s somewhat private. You also don’t want to put it in an area that cold and damp, near an appliance or in a closet.
  • Finally, never put the litter box anywhere near their food.

Here’s a video that gives tips on how to best set up your cats litter box:

What to Do if Your Bengal Urinates in the House

The most important thing you can do is to find out why this is happening. You need to find out if it’s medical, emotional, or something you’ve done wrong when it comes to their litter box. Remember, your cat often uses their pee as a form of communication when they feel something is wrong.

Whatever you do, never yell at your Bengal and whatever you do, never use any kind of physical punishment when they pee in the house. This isn’t going to solve a thing and it’s only going to stress your cat out even more. After all, you don’t want your cat to suddenly become afraid of you. Always make sure to use soft and gentle tones when speaking to your cat.

Make sure to have your Bengal checked out by your vet to make sure it’s nothing medical. Then if that’s not the issue, make sure that the litter box is the right size, is clean and has plenty of comfort and privacy. Then when your cat does use the litter box make sure that you praise them for doing so. Giving your cat positive reinforcement by petting, praising and letting them know you’re happy they used the box will go a long way. It’s important and it really does work well. Always remember that you will get better results with kindness than you will with scolding. Always try to stay calm and do what you think is best for your Bengal.

So, does that help you will what to do if your Bengal cat pees in the house? Please let us know what you think and leave us your comment below.

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