What do bengal cats weigh

What do Bengal Cats Weigh?

  • March 27, 2023

The final size and weight of a potential pet can affect a person’s final decision on whether or not to buy or adopt the pet in question. There’s no difference in this when it comes to Bengals, knowing how much the cat will grow to weigh can affect if the home will end up welcoming in a Bengal or not. Since understanding the weight of a full-sized Bengal can be crucial for a potential owner, let’s look further into the importance of the final weight of a Bengal cat with these topics:

  • How much will a Bengal weigh?
  • What goes into determining this weight?
  • Other notes to keep in mind

How much will a Bengal weigh?

To put it simply, an average, fully physically mature Bengal female will clock in between 8 and 10 pounds while a male will be between 10 and 15 pounds. Bengals are physically mature and fully grown between one and a half to two years of age.

This doesn’t, of course, include the exceptional Bengal weights. Some may top out between 20 and 22 pounds, but this is unusual for the breed. Others may be smaller than 8 pounds. A female may end up in the projected weight range for males or a male could only grow to weigh as much as an average female. Projected weights, such as in these ranges, are the most common but are not always the complete end product for a Bengal cat.

Even in the exceptionally high weight situations, Bengals are not fat cat. They are healthy, a bit on the muscular side, with a decently sized bone structure.

A regular, healthy Bengal cat likely won’t have any problems with excessive weight gain since the breed is so notorious for being active and full of energy. Blowing off this energy by running around and playing so much, like the breed does, will help any Bengal cat keep themselves to a healthy weight and physical build.

As Catster states, Bengal cats have a sleek body with a muscular build. They attain this build partly through exercise but also from their genetic traits. This helps Bengal cats keep to their healthy physical build and weight range.

Since some may find it difficult to weigh their cat, check out the video below to see a Bengal cat well trained in “place” and who is easy to weigh because of it:

What goes into determining this weight?

Understanding the weight of a Bengal cat can rely heavily on what a Bengal cat is mixed with, both domestic and wild.

Since it is part of the Bengal cat’s genetic makeup, the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) ancestor affects the final size of each Bengal. But since ALC’s weigh so closely to that of domestic cats, between 10 and 15 pounds according to Wild Cats Magazine, the weight of a Bengal ends up being similar to that of domestic cats.

The rest of a Bengal cat’s weight is determined by the breed of domestic cat used in breeding. If it is a small or medium breed, Cat World estimates the weight potential as being between 8 and 13 pounds. For large breed domestic cats, the domestic relative(s) would be giving the Bengal the genetic traits for a weight between 13 and 24 pounds.

Other notes to keep in mind

A Bengal’s weight can also affect how well a Bengal does in a domestic setting because of what Bengal cats like to play with. Their toys can determine the sort of effort and energy being burned while playing and whether or not damage may be caused to the home or its contents while the cat is at play.

Additionally, since their usually end up the size of a regular domestic cat, strangers may feel increased comfort around the cat. Someone unfamiliar with the breed may try to pick up and hold a Bengal, treating it like a regular domestic cat. But this active breed usually prefers certain or sometimes a specific human(s) and might become surprised, fearful, and/or combative with this stranger’s contact.

Since the Bengal cats weight affects their movements and development, it’s also important to consider these characteristics and physical make ups when looking into and interacting with the breed. Keeping in mind how much a Bengal could end up weighing can impact a potential owner’s decision on whether to include a Bengal in their home.

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