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  • September 6, 2023

Ah yes, Bengal cats. Easily one of the most gorgeous looking felines that exist on the planet, and an attitude that make other cats look boring in comparison.

So, what is it that you get somebody who has everything including a Bengal cat? Whether it’s yourself, a family member, a coworker, a friend, or even the crazy cat lady down the street, the answer to this question is a Bengal cat calendar.  But not just any Bengal cat want this one specifically.

But there's a story behind it...

You see, a year ago I was faced with trying to decide what would be a great gift for thousands of Bengal cat lovers.

The reason?

I’m the creator of Bengal Cat Club (this website) and we currently have a Facebook group with just over 13,000 people ​that talk (literally) all day about Bengal cats.  When the holidays rolled around, I took the time to survey my audience and after a week of voting, it turned out t​hat a calendar was the gift that most of them preferred.


Yea, I was too.  I mean, who still uses a wall calendar? 

Well, from what I’ve learned, Bengal Cat owners do and I personally suspect it’s because people just like looking at pictures of Bengals because of how pretty they are and the calendar aspect of this is secondary.

​Things to Consider Before Buying a Bengal Cat Calendar

The thing about Bengal cats, and all pets in general, is that most people treat them like another member of the family. There are plenty of times when people refer to their Bengal cats as “kids”, so obviously getting a Bengal themed gift is going to be a big hit.

But before you purchase a Bengal cat calendar, there’s going to be a few different questions you need to ask yourself.

  • Is this person likely to use the calendar?
  • Does this individual often mention or post about their Bengal cat on social media?
  • Can you see them really appreciating the gift?

If the answers to at least one of these questions is yes, then great, this is a perfect gift for them.  If not, ​well, maybe it's back to the drawing board about what gift you should get.

​What Makes a Bengal Cat Calendar Good?

Truth is, there’s more than one Bengal Cat Calendar out there.  In fact, a simple Google search will bring up many varying results​.

But how do you know which Bengal Cat Calendar is the best?

Well, the right Bengal cat calendar isn’t one that people laugh about after they open it and throw in a drawer.


The right Bengal cat calendar is the one that people hang up proudly and the one that makes them crack a little smile every time that they glance in its direction.

The issue with many of the Bengal cat calendars out there is that they are created with stock or very low-quality photos that you can freely find on the Internet.  

If they aren’t done that way, they are usually made by Bengal Cat breeders who take the cats to a professional photographer and get a few pictures done, but these images are very unnatural and have the cats posing in front of a solid color back drop without any real “fun” in the picture.

Here's an example of a poorly taken photo featured in one of the calendars I looked into:

​Bless the heart of whoever it is that put this into a cat calendar, but the image itself just isn't ​very good quality.

And here's an example of an image taken on a back drop, probably by a breeder:

​The quality is better, and that is a cute Bengal, but doesn't do much to represent their personality.

The difference between those calendars and the one that our community creates is the fact that every year, we have hundreds of people submit real photos, and choose the absolute best to feature in the calendar itself.

Here’s an image from our calendar ​the first year we made it.  And yes, amazingly this was taken from someone in our community.

​And here's another one:

The quality is about as good as it can be, and it’s so much better than a boring back drop, wouldn’t you say?

Every single year we edit the calendar to make it better and better, and we’re confident in stating that we have the best Bengal calendar available because we’ve gone the extra mile to make sure it’s something that a Bengal cat lover will truly enjoy

So, what is it that makes this calendar better than all the rest?

Never Use Stock Images:  One of the most frustrating things that Bengal cat owners come across is Bengal calendars that have the exact same images year in and year out. Because of our engaged community, this is not a problem for us as we have hundreds of amateur photographers submit images and choose from the very best. With our calendar, you won’t be seeing any repeats from the prior year or stock photos, they’re all unique high-quality images and taken by people who love Bengal cats.

Special Events: We decided early on that this calendar wasn’t just going to be pictures of Bengal cats, but was also going to give Bengal cat owners great ideas to help them bond with their feline companions. Keeping this in mind, we’ve taken the time to incorporate special events and ideas on random days throughout the year that you and your Bengal cat enjoy together.

Printed on Quality Paper Material:  Though it cost us a little bit more money, one of the things that we wanted to make sure of is that we printed these calendars on quality paper. We’ve made sure to uphold that promise and every calendar that we create uses industry-standard materials so you won’t be disappointed.

Pre-Drilled Hole For Easy Hanging:  We have taken the time to have a hole drilled so that it’s easy to hang the calendar on any wall you choose. 

What Do Other People Think About Our Calendar?

We get it.  

​You think we're partial to our calendar because, well, we made it.....

​And while we can’t post the exact reviews of what people think here because it’s against the policies of Amazon, you can click here to see what other people think about the calendar itself.

If you’re too lazy to click, rest assured that every customer has had good things to say and we have a perfect rating as of this writing. 

Specifically, those who have purchased the calendar love the pictures, but really appreciate the fun ideas and activities that we encourage them to do with their Bengal.

Our Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect gift for anyone is no easy task, but we’ve done our absolute best to provide you with something that every Bengal cat lover in your life will absolutely love.

Aside from the fact that we have the great quality images, this calendar is different because it actually helps owners bond with their beloved pets.

We hope you consider buying our Bengal Cat Calendar for the Bengal lover in your life.  It’s a small investment in a gift that’ll continue to make them smile year round. 

If you'd like to pick up your own Bengal Cat Calendar, please click here.

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