best cat beds for bengal cats

Best Cat Beds for Bengal Cats

We all want a good night’s sleep, so why should it be any different for your Bengal cat? It probably shouldn't be, they deserve a comfortable night’s sleep as much as we do. That's why we’ve taken the time to look at a number of cat beds on the market to find the best one for Bengal cats.

Here we'll take a look at a few topics about cat beds for your Bengal:

  • Where to Put Your Cat Bed
  • What to Look for When Buying a Cat Bed
  • What is the Best Cat Bed for Your Bengal Cat?
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Where to Put Your Cat Bed

Finding the right place to put your bed for your Bengal cat can be quite important. Like people, cats need plenty of rest and if their sleep is disrupted or they have a lack of sleep it can be bad on their health just like for us. So here are a few pointers on figuring out the right place to put your Bengal cats cat bed at.

· Notice their napping habits. One of the best ways to get your Bengal to sleep in their cat bed is to put it in a place where they have already been claiming as one of their favorite places to nap. Whether they nap on the sofa, under your bed, or even in a windowsill, your cat more than likely will continue to sleep wherever they see is fit. So, make sure to pay attention to where their favorite spots are and try putting the bed in the same area. If your Bengal doesn't want to curl up right away in their new bed try putting some cat treats in it until they get used to it.

· If your Bengal tends to want to be near you when you are sleeping then it might be a good idea to put the cat bed somewhere near where you sleep. Often, they love to be near their pet parents when sleeping because they are social creatures after all.

· If your house is one that's noisy and busy, you may want to consider finding a quiet and more secluded place for the cat bed so they won't be disturbed. Quite often, bedrooms can be the ideal spot to put your Bengal cats cat bed. However, if you don't want to do that you can find a quiet corner in your home office or another room that's away from the noise.

· Some cats prefer to be up higher when they are sleeping so that they can see everything from where they are lying. This is why you will often see your cat sitting on a bookshelf, the arm or back of the sofa or even in a windowsill. If your cat tends to prefer being off the floor when they sleep then you might want to put the bed on something that puts them up off the floor when they're sleeping.

What to Look for When Buying a Cat Bed

Comfort is important when it comes to any bed, including cat beds so it's important that you look for beds that provide comfort for your Bengal. It's also important that it's a bed that will keep them nice and warm during the winter months and will then keep them cool during the summer months. For warmth, often a bed that is cup shaped is a good option or even a warm mat can also help during the colder times of the year. Your Bengal needs a bed that will help them retain their body heat.

The material that the bed is made of is also important. You need to make sure that it's heavy-duty and can be cleaned in your washer. One of the best types of covers for a cat bed is denim because of its durability and doesn't tend to wear out as quickly as fleece does.

Consider going with a cat bed that has sides. Most cats prefer that a bed has raised sides because they like to feel secure and a bed with raised sides keeps them snug and helps make them feel more secure when sleeping.

Here's a cute video of a Bengal kitten playing with it's cat bed:

What is the Best Cat Bed for Your Bengal Cat?

After doing some research, here is a list of our top choices for the best cat beds that we hope will help you narrow down your search for your own cat bed for your Bengal.

Below are the five cat beds that have picked and believe that they are viable options for cat beds.

Curious Cat Cube, Cat House / Cat Condo

ABOUT: The Curious Cat Cube is more than just a bed. It’s got a bed on top of the unit, a bed inside of the unit, some toys on the side and is kind of an all-in-one solution. It measures 15.5"W x 15.5"L x 16.5"H and collapses flat when not in use. It’s made of a Brown faux suede w/ fleece bed topper.




FEATURES: This cat bed has a lot of things for your car. Two beds, one inside and outside, two hanging jingle balls on the side so that your cat can play, and is made to look great in most homes with its Faux suede.

PROS:  Well built, very sturdy, especially nice for multiple cats because of the lower and upper beds. Many cats prefer the choice of two beds and the bells that come on the side are a nice touch so that your Bengal cat can have a little fun as well.

CONS:  One of the biggest issues with this cat bed is that some customers have complained of a very strong odor emitting from the product. This doesn’t seem to be an issue with everyone, but for those that have the issue it seems to be a deal breaker.

Twin Critters Handcrafted Cat Cave Bed

ABOUT: This particular cat bed is handcrafted with all-natural wool in Nepal by using an ancient technique called “felting” and each of the beds are molded individually. It's special design not only gives comfort but a hiding place for your Bengal.




FEATURES:  Made from natural wool which will keep your Bengal warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Can also be flattened down so you can use it as a padded mat for your cat. When not in a flattened position, it can serve not only as a comfortable bed but a spacious place where your Bengal can hide out in.

PROS:  Made from natural wool and is free of any harsh synthetic fabrics or harsh chemicals. It seems to be durable and the natural wool repels dirt, stains, and odor.

CONS:  There are concerns that it seems to collapse down too easily and some cats just end up sleeping on it and not inside of it.

Armarkat Cave Shape Pet Cat Bed

ABOUT: This cat bed by Armarkat is made from pet friendly materials and is designed to be comfortable and cozy for cats who not only love to sleep in a bed but also love to hide.




FEATURES: This cat bed comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. It's machine washable and the fill is an extra thick 100% poly fill to give cats maximum comfort. The outside is a soft velvet and it is waterproof.

PROS:  Bed is a good size, gives them comfort and privacy, is waterproof and the base of the bed is skid free. It can also be easily cleaned in the washer.

CONS:  One thing worth noting is that the roof doesn't seem to be reinforced and it might tend to flatten down, especially if your Bengal cat jumps on it.

OxGord 2-in-1Cat Pet Bed Tunnel Fleece Tube Indoor Cushion Mat/Pyramid Pad

ABOUT: This is a cat bed that can be put in the shape of a pyramid or it can be used as a soft cushioned flat pad for your Bengal to sleep on. It's an innovative design offering comfort, a place to sleep, and even a place to play.




FEATURES: This is a two in one pet bed that can be used as a flat bed or as a tunnel for your cat to either sleep or play in. It is made of a thermos-reflective type of material which makes it self-warning as it will adapt to your cat’s body temperature. The cushion is made from a durable fleece material and can easily be cleaned in your washer.

PROS:  Can be used for multiple purposes such as a play tunnel, bed or even put in your Bengal cat's pet carrier for extra comfort. Is easy to clean in your washer and the material it's made from can adapt to your cat’s own body temperature to keep them comfortable in any weather.

CONS:  There seem to be concerns about the bed when in the tunnel shape doesn't stand up as well as the picture shows it doing.

PAW Cozy Kitty Tent Igloo

ABOUT: Specifically designed for those cats who prefer to feel cozy and secure in more enclosed spaces. This tent igloo style cat bed is one that also takes your cats comfort into consideration.




FEATURES: This tent igloo style bed comes in blue or a dark tan and has a comfort pillow that goes inside of the igloo for added comfort. This can be easily cleaned in the washer; however, the rest of the bed needs to hand washed only and in just cold water. The cover is polyester and the fill is 100% polyurethane foam.

PROS:  This bed doesn't take up much room so this could be a good choice for those with limited space in their home. It gives your cat a feeling of security with the comfortable and soft walls that surround them. The comfort insert pillow adds more comfort and can be easily removed for cleaning.

CONS:  One main concern is that the bottom of this cat bed is not reinforced and could wear out quicker than some other similar beds.

After we finished reviewing these different cat beds it is our conclusion the top winner would be Curious Cat Cube, Cat House / Cat Condo. All the beds reviewed had their good points, this is why we listed them in our top five choices for best cat beds for Bengal cats. But hands down, this one wins.

This particular bed seems to meet all the criteria one might be looking for in a cat bed. It's durable, affordable, very comfortable, not too big or too small, and it has multiple options and choices with the top and bottom beds.

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