Best Cat Trees For Bengal Cats

All cats need exercise, especially cats that remain in the house all day. This especially holds true for Bengal cats. If you own a Bengal or are considering adding one to the family then you probably already know just how active Bengals are. This is why it's important that as their pet parent, you give the opportunity to have fun and exercise.

In this article we'll look at the following about cat trees for Bengal cats:

  • Does a Bengal Cat Need a Cat Tree?
  • What to Look for When Buying a Cat Tree
  • Our Top Five Choices for Cat Trees
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Does a Bengal Cat Need a Cat Tree?

Bengals are one of the most active cat breeds out of all the domestic cats in the world. These are not cats that are going to be happy with just lying around basking in the sun or laying on your lap all the time.

If that's the kind of life they're offered, you'll end up with a very bored, unhappy, and even unhealthy Bengal cat. This is why, it's important that your Bengal is provided with enough exercise and entertainment to keep them healthy and happy.

Cat Trees Can Play a Big Part in Your Bengal Cats Happiness

A cat tree is something that is designed to give cats exercise, stimulation, and even a place where they can call there own if they need some personal “cat time” to be left alone.

Bengal cats are not just extremely active but they have an abundant amount of curiosity and as you probably already know, are extremely intelligent. Cat trees can be an important part in helping to keep your Bengal cat active, fulfill their curiosity needs, and encourage them to use their intelligence all at the same time.

By providing your Bengal with a good cat tree you are enabling them to let off a lot of that pent up energy they might have being cooped up all day indoors. It also gives them a space where they can hone their climbing and jumping skills since Bengals tend to love climbing and jumping and are excellent at both activities. Cat trees also offer them a place where they can do their scratching instead of choosing your favorite piece of furniture.

Here's a great video of a Bengal cat truly enjoying the cat tree provided for them:

What to Look for When Buying a Cat Tree

Since Bengal cats love having vertical space it's important that you keep in mind a few things when buying a cat tree for them. As mentioned before, cat trees give your Bengal a place to climb, provides them with a source of entertainment and exercise as well as a spot to groom and take care of their claws by utilizing the cat tree for scratching.

However, if you want to make sure that your Bengal cat has a good cat tree experience it's important to take a few things into consideration in order to find the right cat tree for your cat.

Consider the Following When Buying a Cat Tree

  • Make sure to take a close look at the base of the cat tree. The base needs to be sturdy enough so that it doesn't wobble when your cat climbs up on and you definitely don't want it to tip over. If it wobbles too much or tips over, more than likely, your Bengal is not going to want to use it after that. Besides, they could get hurt as well if it tips over. If you are buying a cat tree when your Bengal is a kitten, you need to take into consider what adult weight they'll be. After all, as an adult, your Bengal could weigh as much as 20 pounds if they're a male.
  • You will want to make sure that the cat tree you buy has a variety of different kinds of scratching surfaces for your Bengal. You will also want to make sure that it has different areas for sitting as well as sleeping and they should be at different levels. Another thing to note is whether or not there are areas where you can hang toys from the tree. The more interest that can be added to the tree, the happier your Bengal is going to be.
  • If your Bengal likes catnip, make sure that there are areas on the cat tree that will allow for you to add catnip for them.
  • Be prepared to spend good money on a quality cat tree. High quality cat trees can cost anywhere from $100 to a whopping $600.  You can always get a cheaper cat tree at a local store, but those are unlikely to be good enough for your Bengal cat as they're a special breed who are more active than most cats.
  • The taller and larger the cat tree, the more that your Bengal cat will enjoy it.  This doesn't mean that you must buy the tallest tree out there, but if you can afford it and have the space then it would be a good idea.

Our Top Five Picks for Cat Trees

After completing our own research, we’ve come up with our personal top five cat trees that we think might help you narrow down your list when searching for a good cat tree for your Bengal cat.

Below is a list of the best cat trees that are available for your Bengal cat.

SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo

ABOUT: This is one of the more attractive cat trees we've seen with it's nice perches that are plush covered with a nice soft surface for cats to enjoy. It appears to made of sturdy material that tends to be heavier that other cat trees making it very sturdy overall.




FEATURES: This cat tree has several sturdy posts meant for climbing and scratching that are covered with a natural sisal rope. The different platforms are covered with a soft and comfortable plush material that most cats seem to enjoy. This cat tree includes a big cat condo along with a soft hammock on the lower level for cats to relax in. For more added interest and fun this cat tree includes a hanging robe and several fun toys for cats to enjoy.

PROS:  The material the cat tree is made from is CARB certified board which makes it very sturdy and safe for your Bengal cat. The base board on this cat tree is further strengthened with battens and is heavier than most giving it more stability. Assembly is easier than most because of its screw together simplicity.

CONS:  The biggest concern tends to be that the roping on the posts may splinter and some have complained that the prefabricated hooks for the hammock aren’t very sturdy.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

ABOUT: This is an attractive good-sized cat tree that measures 72 inches high and has multiple levels and includes stairs, places to hide and a variety of scratching posts. It comes in three different colors that include blue, beige, and leopard print. This cat tree offers cats room to climb, hide, rest, scratch, jump, and play.




FEATURES: This particular cat tree might be a way to keep your Bengal cat's interest off your favorite couch with its three different leveled perches, two special condos where they can hide, and the ten different scratching posts for them to climb and scratch. There is a lot of room where your cat can play and lounge around and it comes with two toy mice you can hang up for them to play with.

PROS:  It's nice looking, posts are covered with a natural rope material and it’s pretty easy to put together with the tools and step by step instructions that come with it. There are ladders that are multi-level and can be detached making this suitable for more than one cat, aging cats and even heavier cats such as Bengals.

CONS:  The main concern with this cat tree is that the higher levels of the tree are secured together with plastic clips that might break after a period of time.

Armarkat Cat Tree

ABOUT: This particular cat tree is specifically made of pet-friendly materials that are harmless to your pets. It’s also well designed, safe and of durable construction. It comes in a variety of sizes to choose from ranging from 50 inches high to 60 inches high. This means that you can choose one that is suitable for the amount of space you might have available in your home.




FEATURES: This cat tree offers four different platforms for your cat and has several different places that you can hang fun toys for them to play with. It has a nice hiding condo for your Bengal cat to slip away in when they don't want to be bothered. Various different scratching posts for climbing and scratching and is said to hold up to 40 pounds of weight.

PROS:  Seems to be quite sturdy, especially considering the price, which would make it a good choice for someone on a tight budget. It's very easy to assemble, comes with instructions and special tools. It’s also easy to clean.

CONS:  The material on the shelving might be a little bit on the flimsy side and may not last as long as you’d like. Also, because they are flimsy, it may be a bad choice if you have a heavy Bengal cat.

The Tabby Cat Nap Cat Tree Condo

ABOUT: This is one of the bigger cat trees that fall into a good price range and quality. It's a cat tree and cat condo that is six feet tall and offers six different levels for your cat to explore, climb, jump on and off of, scratch and even two condos for hiding and sleeping in.




FEATURES: There are plenty of interesting features on this cat tree for your Bengal cat that they’ll find fun and interesting. It has two separate private condo rooms, six different platforms to climb on and nine separate scratching posts at different levels to keep them climbing and scratching. It also has some fun toys and a hanging rope to add more interest to this cat tree.

PROS:  Easy to put together and to take apart making it pretty easy to clean. Plenty of different areas for your cat to explore including places to hang their favorite toys and includes a couple of toys. There are two nice rounded top perches, a fan shaped top perch and it even has a hammock for your cat to enjoy.

CONS:  It does seem to have a couple of design flaws however, as we've noted that it does tend to be a little wobbly where the bottom condo is and the condos might not be suitably big enough for bigger cats.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

ABOUT: This is a bigger cat tree by Go Pet Club and has nine different levels of interest for Bengals. There are two top levels that are meant for relaxing that include comfy backrests. It has a large condo on one level and a smaller one lower down with a variety of different levels from top to bottom.




FEATURES: There are 13 different rope covered posts at all different levels for climbing and scratching on. Several of the perches along the way come with their own hanging mouse toys and on one perch you'll find a hanging rope. The two condos can give your Bengal some space to hide or a place to nap in private.

PROS:  This cat tree is big enough for multiple cats and seems sturdy enough for larger Bengals. The posts are covered with natural rope and all surfaces including condos are covered in a soft faux fur. Many say it is easy to assemble with help from the instructions and special tools included.

CONS:  There are some concerns that the base may not be big enough and can cause the entire tree to wobble, and possibly tip over, with larger cats.

After carefully reviewing these five different cat trees, we've come to the conclusion that the one that receives our best recommendation would be the SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo.

Even though most of these products have good features SONGMICS is clearly our choice for winner because it meets all of the criteria that many Bengal cat owners are looking for in a cat tree.

This cat tree condo is made of high quality materials, durable, sturdy, and the biggest thing is that there are no complaints about the cat tree wobbling. Aside from having great construction, it also has plenty of areas for a Bengal cat to enjoy and is exactly what a Bengal cat owner would need to keep their Bengal happy.

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