Best Collar for Bengal Cats

When it comes to cat collars, you probably thought there was nothing to it. However, truth be known, there really are some things that you need to consider before going out and buying just any old collar for your Bengal. Just like with harnesses, see our article Best Cat Harness for Bengal Cats 2017, you should know a little about collars before you buy one for your Bengal. In this article we will cover the following:

  • What to Look For When Buying a Cat Collar
  • Types of Cat Collars
  • Collar Safety Tips
  • Our Top Picks for Best Collar for Bengal Cats
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What to Look For When Buying a Cat Collar

No doubt you’ve already discovered there is a ton of varieties and wide range of collars from the super stylish faux leather ones to those that are reflective to nylon jeweled ones plus more. The options almost seem to be endless. There are collars that stretch for safety and ensure a comfortable and perfect fit and others that breakaway should your cat get caught on something.

One thing to consider before buying your Bengal a collar, make sure it’s going to last for some time. Don’t just buy the very first collar that you see. Instead it’s better if you think about the size and the comfort of a collar for your cat. You also want to take into consideration the safety of your cat. Sure style might be important to you, but safety and comfort is more important to your Bengal. Your best bet is to make sure that the collar offers your cat a way to break free if they get stuck on something.

Consider the following when buying a collar for your Bengal:

· The very first thing you should do is to decide what the purpose of a collar is going to be. Does your Bengal roam free outside or do you keep them indoors at all times?

· If your cat does go outside then the best thing to look for in a collar is one that will cause the least amount of harm to them should they get stuck in or on something. Cats tend to like to roam around trees and bushes making chances of getting caught high. Make sure the collar is one that is a breakaway style so your cat can get free.

· If your Bengal is one that lives only indoors then you can consider buying a collar which is more casual but still durable. Cute and jeweled collars could be an option to beautify your Bengal even more.

· Before you buy a collar it’s important that you measure your Bengal for an accurate size. You should make sure that the collar you buy is just a little bit loose. This will avoid any possibility of suffocation or chocking. No matter what, the collar needs to fit correctly for it to be safely worn.

Types of Cat Collars

The following is a list of the most common collars that you will come across:

· Fabric collars

· Personalized collars

· Necklace collars

· Jeweled collars

· Leather collars

· Ribbon collars

· Vinyl collars

· Harnesses and leads

· Jeweled nylon collars

Collar Safety Tips

The safety of your Bengal should be top priority when it comes to anything, but especially collars because they can be hazardous. Here are a few collar safety tips you should be aware of:

· First – Always make sure to check that the collar fits right. As long as there is enough room for you to slide two fingers under the collar then it’s not too tight or too loose.

· Second – Make it a habit to continually check the collar, especially if you have a younger Bengal, because they are continuing to grow. Make sure to keep an eye on how tight the collar is.

· Third – One of the best options to consider is a breakaway or quick release collar. These collars have a catch that will release if the collar is pulled on with enough force. This will let your Bengal free themselves if they get trapped or caught on something. Always test these collars first before buying one.

· Fourth – If you buy a collar with a tag or bell attached make sure the groove in the attachment ring is wide enough that your cat’s claw won’t get trapped.

· Fifth – Avoid any collar that has an elasticated inserts, have loose threads, sharp edges, or sharp buckles. Avoid cheap bells and tags, these are bent easily which can even trap your Bengal’s claws and cause harm.

Our Top Picks for Best Collar for Bengal Cats

Since we understand how important the safety of your Bengal is, we’ve done some research on a variety of different cat collars in order to try and find a few of the best. We have chosen ones that others use and found suitable for Bengals. We hope this will help you in your search.

Below you will find the top five cat collars that we believe meet the needs and comfort of Bengal cats.

Blueberry Pet Pack of 2 Multiple Designs Adjustable Breakaway Cat Collar

ABOUT: These collars are designed not just for style but also for safety with their adjustable breakaway feature. It’s meant to fit neck sizes 9” to 13” for total comfort and safety.




FEATURES: The collars come in a convenient two pack and are both adjustable and has a breakaway buckle in case cats get caught on something that could choke them. They come in several cute designs to choose from some that include “love and peace” on them.

PROS:  Adjusts to almost any size neck and the buckle is designed to breakaway should your cat get stuck on something. Collars are made of high-quality polyester and they’re relatively durable and sturdy.

CONS:  Most common complaint is that the fabric seems to be too stiff and can make re-sizing difficult.

Reflective Cat Collar with Bell, Set of 3 or 6

ABOUT: These collars are designed with cat safety in mind. They are reflective for night safety and will breakaway should cats get trapped on caught on something.




FEATURES: Comes in convenient 3 or 6 pack so you’ve got spares on hand if needed. Made of nylon and are both reflective and have a breakaway feature for quick release. The reflective area of these collars are exceptionally bright and seem to last for quite some time.

PROS:  Made of strong and durable nylon. Includes a reflective section on the collar that is super bright and can be seen from quite a distance. The collar also has a breakaway feature in case cats get caught on something. Easy to put on and take off.

CONS:  One of the biggest concerns has been the reflective strip tends to flake off after wearing collar for a short time. One other concern was that the breakaway feature is too easy for some cats to use to get the collar off.

Custom Embroidered Cat ID Collars with Breakaway Safety Release

ABOUT: This collar is designed for safety and having the ability to identify your cat should they get lost. This collar is adjustable and it will release itself from their necks if cats get caught on something.




FEATURES: These collars are made of a no-snag nylon and can be adjusted from eight inches in length. There is a breakaway feature that will release cats if they are trapped on something. Comes in a variety of colors and you can have them customized with your cats name plus phone number for extra protection.

PROS:  Has an easy release breakaway feature that works well. The collar is made of a durable nylon that doesn’t snag and the best feature is that you can personalize the collar with your cats name and phone number eliminating the need for any tags.

CONS:  Biggest concern has been that the breakaway clasp seems to release too easily.

Heart Bling Cat Collar with Safety Belt and Bell

ABOUT: This collar was designed for both safety and comfort for cats. It’s adjustable from 8” to 11” and will breakaway should cats get caught on something.




FEATURES: This collar will fit most any size cat and has elastic stretch so it adds extra comfort. It comes in a variety of colors that include; black, blue, pink, purple, and red. The covering on the collar is a soft velvet and it includes a bell and a pretty crystal heart that matches the color of the collar.

PROS:  Good choice in colors and is one of the prettier collars. The material on the color is a soft velvet and can stretch because it has elastic in it for added comfort. It also is easy to adjust the size and comes with a breakaway feature.

CONS:  Some concerns have been that the elastic doesn’t stretch enough and could be dangerous.

BINGPET Adjustable Cat Collar Soft Velvet Safe Collars with Bells

ABOUT: These are adjustable collars that are made from a soft velvet material for comfort and covered in rhinestones. It’s made with a safety elastic belt and comes with a bell for finding cats easier.




FEATURES: This is a pretty little collar that is made of a soft velvet material for comfort and covered in little rhinestones. It can be adjusted from 8” to 10” and has a safety elastic belt. It also comes in a variety of colors that include; black, blue, pink, red, and purple.

PROS:  Soft and comfortable for a cats neck. Has a safety elastic belt and a bell that helps find your cat. It adjusts easily from 8” to 10”. Definitely a pretty collar.

CONS:  There are concerns about how the rhinestones tend to fall out.

After reviewing this list of cat collars, we have come to the conclusion that the collar we believe is our number one pick is Blueberry Pet Pack of 2 Multiple Designs Adjustable Breakaway Cat Collar. We chose this particular collar because it had just about everything that pet parents are looking for in a collar for their Bengal.

Even though each and every one of these collars all had their good points but the decision is totally up to you, we simply preferred this Blueberry collar because of it’s meeting nearly all the criteria you look for in a cat collar.

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