Best exercise wheel for bengal cats

Best Exercise Wheel For Bengal Cats

Being a Bengal cat lover, I know, just as you too probably know, the health of our Bengal cats is very important. Sometimes, however, as pet parents we can get really involved in our busy lives that we might forget that our Bengal cats need the kind of exercise that is going to keep them in shape, much like us.

There are many things one can do to offer them such as an exercise wheel, interactive toys and so on.

I realized that I couldn’t let my Bengal just go outside any time, especially when I wasn’t home and that eventually turned into a problem for my feline friend.

Like most of you reading this, I have a full-time job and am not always able to be home with my Bengal cat and let her outside.  Because of this, I’d usually get home after a long day of work to a Bengal full of energy that was practically begging me to play with her.

In addition, there was also weight gain because she hasn’t been able to exercise appropriately.  This weight gain started to make me feel guilty because, after all, it was my responsibility to keep my Bengal healthy and happy.

Problems with Bengals Being Overweight

Like people, Bengals and all pets need to be kept at a healthy weight or there could be a variety of health issues that could pop up. These health issues can be severe enough to even shorten their lives and you know we don’t want to see that happen to our Bengals.

Here are just a few problems that might pop up if your Bengal is overweight:

  • Diabetes – This is one of the most common problems your Bengal can run into if they are overweight. Overweight or obese cats are two to four times more likely to develop diabetes. This is because obesity can cause an increase in the production of insulin in response to the increased blood sugar levels that are found in cats that are overweight. Insulin is also more in demand because there is a greater amount of tissue in a cat that’s overweight.
  • Liver Disease – The liver is an organ that stores fat when a Bengal is overweight. When they are overweight, the fat builds up in their livers. This is most commonly known as hepatic lipidosis and is extremely common in obese cats.
  • Arthritis and Lameness – If they are overweight they are more likely to develop arthritis and lameness than cats who are at their ideal weight. This can cause them a lot of pain and injury when they try to jump up and down from furniture and other places that are up high.
  • Increased Anesthetic and Surgical Risks – Vets often have to take extra precautions when it comes to anesthetizing obese cats or performing surgery on them. A lot of anesthetics are taken up by the fat in their bodies. Also the anesthetics are broken down by their liver and if a cat has a “fatty liver” it might not be able to efficiently break down the anesthetics or other drugs. Recovery from surgery may take longer in an obese cat. On top of all of this, it might make surgery a lot more difficult when a cat is obese. It can be a lot more difficult to find or get to what the vet is looking for by obscuring the surgical area.
  • Lower Quality and Length of Life – When cats are overweight it makes it more difficult for them to groom themselves and to be active. They can even become irritable because being overweight can make them uncomfortable and even be painful. Of course being overweight can also shorten the length of their lives, something none of us want to see that happen.

I Knew Something Had to Be Done

Once I noticed my dear Bengal was really putting on the pounds I realized that something needed to be done… and soon. Since I really didn’t have the time to take my cat for a walk every day and the toys I had set up didn’t seem to be the answer, I realized I needed to try and find a different solution.

Change of Diet

The first and immediate thing that I decided to do was to change my Bengal’s diet in hope that this would solve the problem of the extra pounds. There are a lot of different foods out there and I had to do a lot of research on the best cat food for my overweight Bengal.

Even though a change of diet was a good idea and did help some, it became apparent that more than a change of diet was going to be needed to help my Bengal shed those unhealthy pounds. That’s when someone mentioned to me about considering getting a cat exercise wheel.

This was not something that I had even thought of before nor did I realize that there was such a thing for cats.

What to Look for in a Cat Exercise Wheel

Once I realized that my Bengal was in need for more exercise I started looking into the idea of finding a cat exercise wheel. After doing research I discovered there were a few things that were important that you need to look for and want to share that information with you here:

  • It needs to have enough room so it should be at least 48” in diameter
  • The cat exercise wheel should be able to support at least 25 pounds
  • It needs to be easy to assemble
  • Your Bengal should be able to get on it from either side
  • Needs to be lightweight but sturdy at the same time
  • The ideal cat for this would be most any Bengal cat since they generally tend to love exercise when given the opportunity

The Cat Exercise Wheel I Discovered

Although there really isn’t much variety when it comes to cat exercise wheels, I looked and online and was able to find the One Fast Cat exercise wheel.  So, what I am writing about here is the a Review for the Fast Cat Exercise Wheel.


  • Good size at 48” in diameter and has a 10” wide running track
  • Holds up to 25 pounds
  • Easy to put together
  • Lets your cat enter from either side
  • Lightweight making it easy to move wherever you want


  • Exercise wheel itself comes off easily at times
  • Some cats don’t seem to like it and ignore it
  • Doesn’t work well on carpeted floors

Here’s a picture of the One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel:

Who is the Cat Exercise Wheel Not Suited For?

Not all cats, including Bengals may be suited for a cat exercise wheel. If your Bengal weighs more than 25 pounds the standard cat exercise wheel may not be suited for them and you may have to look for a dog exercise wheel instead. A cat exercise wheel may also not be well suited for elderly cats or ones that may have joint problems.

If you suspect your Bengal may have joint problems you may want to consult with your vet first before purchasing one.

Because some cats may not like this item, you may need to teach your Bengal to use it. Since Bengals are a lot more intelligent and more easily trained than other domestic cats you may not have that much difficulty in teaching yours to use it and if you’re lucky like I was, you may not have to train your Bengal at all.

Benefits and Features

When considering this cat exercise wheel you want to make sure that your Bengal is going to benefit from it. Here are a few of the benefits that your Bengal will reap by using a cat exercise wheel:


Although the cat exercise wheel is a simple design it does have a few features you and your Bengal may like:

  • The 48” diameter ensures no spinal curvature
  • Supports up to 25 pounds
  • Has open design so your cat can enter from either side
  • Running surface made with closed cell EVA foam preventing claws from catching on it
  • Easily cleaned by wiping down with a wet towel or spraying it off with a hose
  • Comes in black or a leopard print
  • Comes with roller blade wheel covers


  • It will keep them from being bored and a bored Bengal cat generally means an unhappy and potentially destructive cat
  • Can cut down on their desire to claw furniture
  • Burns off excess energy, keeping them out of trouble
  • Burns off excess calories

Here’s a video of a Bengal cat enjoying their cat exercise wheel (at 0:32 you can see a Bengal Cat Owner talking about the wheel):

Assembly for the cat wheel was surprisingly easy, here’s the video:

What Others Think

Before purchasing a cat exercise wheel for my Bengal I did some research on the Internet so I could see what others thought of this type of a product for their cats. In my research I was happy to discover many rather positive reviews about the product.

There were some who really seemed to be surprised at just how much their cats, once use to the wheel, enjoyed using it. This seems to be especially true for those energetic Bengals out there. Many who have purchased it admit they were skeptical about it at first because after putting it together it didn’t have the appearance of being sturdy but, to their amazement it turned out to be a lot more stable and sturdy that first believed.

If you’re interested in reading more in depth reviews feel free to visit Amazon.

Alternatives to a Cat Exercise Wheel

If you’re not sure that a cat exercise wheel is the right product for your Bengal cat, there are other things that you can offer them to encourage more exercise, here are just a few things:

  • Walk Your Bengal – If you have the time, you can always train your Bengal to a harness and leash so the two of you can both go outside together and enjoy a good walk. This is probably the least expensive way to give your Bengal their needed exercise. The benefits you’ll reap from this exercise is that not only will both of you lose weight but you’ll enjoy a closer bond with your Bengal.
  • Cat Trees – Providing your Bengal with a good cat tree will give your Bengal a variety of options such as clawing, climbing, and jumping. All of which provide them with ways to get rid of excess weight and energy.
  • Interactive Toys – There are a large variety of toys you can buy for your Bengal that require them to interact. There are toys that have moving parts that will get them up and moving. Cat teaser toys also work well to get your cat active. Even balls that have catnip or bells in there are a way to get your Bengal up and exercising.

It’s important to remember that the health of your Bengal is very important if you want them to live a long and happy life. Understand that if you allow your Bengal to become overweight and you don’t do anything to reverse it your Bengal could end up with diabetes, joint problems, arthritis, live problems, and more.

A cat exercise wheel could be something that could help you avoid or even solve these problems.

If you want to learn more about this cat exercise wheel and you want to check out how much it costs feel free to Click Here, hope this was helpful!