Best Nail Clippers for Bengal Cats

Health of your Bengal no doubt is very important to you and grooming them should be part of their normal health routine. Grooming needs to include bathing when needed, brushing and even clipping their claws. As scary and difficult as that can be, it is definitely an important part of their overall well-being.

It’s important that you have the best nail clippers for your Bengal just like having just the right brush for grooming them, the right clippers are vital because you don’t want to cause your Bengal any discomfort. You also need to know the proper way to clip their claws just like you need to know how to brush them correctly. In this article we will cover the following:

  • Choosing the Right Nail Clippers
  • Types and Styles of Nail Clippers
  • How to Use Cat Nail Clippers
  • Our Top Picks for the Best Nail Clippers for Bengal Cats
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Choosing the Right Nail Clippers

When it comes to clipping your Bengals claws, you first need to understand that some have thicker shorter nails than others, so make sure that you know what kind of claws your Bengal has. One type of clipper might be meant just for long thin nails others are meant for shorter and thicker ones.

Different kinds of nail clippers have different advantages and also various uses that will help give your cat’s nails the type of cut that is best and most comfortable for them. There can sometimes also be disadvantages with certain clippers some that can cause nails to splinter and break instead of giving the nails a clean even cut.

To reduce breaking and splintering it’s important that you understand how to trim them. It’s also important to know the differences in the nail clippers that are available. Choosing the right nail clipper for your cat is ultimately up to you, but using the right ones and using them correctly is going to make for a lot happier cat.

Types and Styles of Nail Clippers

There are four main types of nail clippers for cats and even many different styles of each of the types. Here is a list of the types and their description so that you have a better understanding of them when you are out shopping for the best clippers for your Bengal.

The Scissor Nail Trimmer

This is exactly what it sounds like scissors. These clippers are modeled after your standard pair of scissors with the same type of handles and frame. The only difference between regular scissors and these is that the trimmer on the end of regular scissors have straight blades whereas these have curved blades that go around the nail. These clippers require very little effort to use them and almost anyone can use them. They also are quick and easy for your cat and their claws are in great condition after you clip them.

Pliers Nail Trimmer

This trimmer takes its name after a pair of pliers because it’s modeled to look like pliers. These are another set of trimmers that are easy to use and can be gripped without ever having to put your fingers through holes in the handles.

This type of clipper provides a quick and clean cut that makes the nail clipping process pretty easy for both you and your cat. These are often chosen because of how easy they are to hold onto.

You can also get good leverage from this type of clippers compared to the scissors type which can sometimes be a little difficult to get the leverage you might need. The pliers type is much easier for those who may not have a lot of strength in their hands.

Guillotine Nail Trimmer

This type of clipper gets its name from the design of its blades. These are good for those who have difficulty gripping onto the scissors or pliers type of clippers. The way the blades are set it it makes the action of trimming nails much easier.

Even though these trimmers can be found in the cat supply category they aren’t often chosen for cats because it can be difficult to figure out where it’s going to cut the nail. You need to put the claw in the loop in order to cut it and this can be a tough process when you are trying to keep your cat still long enough to trim their claws.

If your cat is one who will sit patiently while trimming their claws this would be a good type of clippers to use because they make a very clean cut with no breaking or splintering.

Electric Nail Trimmer

This is similar to grinder for cats who just won’t sit still long enough to let you use other clippers on them to trim their claws. These are great because they take away the risk of cutting their claws too short. These are extremely quick and easy to use.

The biggest drawback is that this type of trimmer can scare cats because of the noise they make and it can take some time to get use to.

How to Use Cat Nail Clippers

When it comes to trimming your cats claws it is a pretty straight forward process because it’s pretty similar to cutting our own nails. There are some differences though between our nails and your cats claws which can cause this process to be painful or difficult for your cat.

One of the biggest differences between our nails and your cats are that cats have what's called a “quick” in their claws. This quick is a type of vein that runs down the claw and is actually part of their paw. Unlike our nails, if they are removed they will grow back whereas the claws on a cat will not. This is why de-clawing a cat is often frowned upon because it’s like cutting off the tip of your finger it can be very painful and should never be done if at all possible.

When trimming your cats claws one of the first things you should learn about is the “hold”. There is some fur at the back of their neck that’s called the scruff which can be gripped very firmly that won’t hurt your cat. It’s what mothers cat use to carry their young around without harming them.

The scruff is the best place for you to hold your cat because it seems to calm them down and it helps to keep them in the right position at the same time.

When you are trimming your cats nails the same principals apply as they do when you trim your own nails. You simply want to cut them to a shorter and more manageable length without cutting the quick because this can cause pain and bleeding.

You can find the quick by putting a small amount of pressure on your cats paw and this will push their claw out just enough for it to be seen without hurting your cat. The quick is usually a red or dark vein that runs down the center of the claw and you need to cut 1/8 of an inch or more in front of the quick. You don’t want to cut the quick at all but, if you do, make sure that you have a pet safe styptic to stop the bleeding.

Here are steps to follow when clipping their claws:

  1. Hold onto your cats scruff firmly to help keep them calm and in the right position to make the trimming easier.
  2. Apply a small amount of pressure to their paw to expose the claw.
  3. Find the quick in their claw by looking for the dark or red rein that runs down the middle of it.
  4. Clip the claw with your clippers about 1/8 of an inch in front of the quick.  NOTE: Clipping their quick can be extremely painful.  Be careful!
  5. Repeat these steps until all claws have been trimmed.

If any of the claws happen to break or splinter you can take a nail file and try to clean up the claw. Sometimes this is more difficult than trimming the claws because by now your cat doesn’t want to stick around any longer.

One of the best ways to clean up any splinters or broken pieces of claw is to make sure that you provide your Bengal with a good scratching post and just let them do this naturally on their own.

Here’s a video that shows how to trim your cats claws:

Our Top Picks for the Best Nail Clippers for Bengal Cats

Nail clippers are one of those products where there are tons of different ones to choose from and this can not only be time consuming but confusing at times. That’s why we did some research and came up with a short list of our favorites that we hope will help you find just the right nail clippers for your Bengal.

Below you will find our top five favorite picks of the best nail clippers for Bengal cats.

Dog and Cat Nail Clippers by Boshel With Safety Guard

ABOUT: These clippers are designed for both cats and dogs and is highly recommended by professionals. It was designed with safety in mind with its safety guard that helps you avoid over cutting nails or claws.




FEATURES: Ergonomic handles for comfort. Has a safety guard that helps you avoid cutting claws too short. The handles are easy to grip and they are made of a non-slip material which will help avoid nicks and cuts. Comes with a mini nail file to help clean up any breaks or splinters.

PROS:  Comfortable grip and easy to use. The safety guard protects your cats claws from being cut too short. Blades are made from 3.5 mm thick stainless-steel blades that are extremely sharp and will stay sharp for years.

CONS:  There are some concerns that the blades are not as sharp as advertised.

Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

ABOUT:  This electric nail grinder was designed with safety and easy use in mind. It’s powerful enough to quickly and easily grind pets nails down to just the right length without injury.




FEATURES: The grinding head is covered by a stationary bushing and helps to avoid cutting the nails too short. It’s compact but powerful and makes grinding of nails quick and easy. Has three different ports that can adjust to the size of your pet. Port 1 is for smaller pets, port 2 is for medium and larger pets, and port 3 is just for shaping their nails and claws.

PROS:  It’s cordless and portable so it’s quick and easy to use. The motor is powerful enough to grind down claws and nails in no time at all. The grinder design is designed for comfort in your hand and makes it so that you can operate and trim claws without any assistance.

CONS:  The most common concern is that it seems to take a long time to grind down the nails or claws.

Cat Nail Clippers by KittyNails

ABOUT: These nail clippers were actually designed by two veterinarians. Meant to be used on cats, small dogs, birds, rabbits, and other small pets. Designed to be effective and extremely durable.




FEATURES: They have a comfortable rubber grip which cuts down on slipping when using them to clip claws. Their design is like a pair of scissors for a comfortable and safe claw trimming experience.

PROS:  Easy grip scissor style handles and blades. The rubber coated handles make the experience of trimming claws a lot more comfortable because there’s no slipping when they’re in your hands. They are very durable and quite effective and come with a lifetime guarantee.

CONS:  Main concern is that they often don’t fully cut the nails or claws, leaving them splintered or jagged.

GoPets Nail Clippers for Cats & Dogs

ABOUT: Professional style clippers that are designed to give a clean cut every time. They are also ergonomically designed so they fit comfortably in your hand when using.




FEATURES: Has an angled blade so it’s easier to see what you’re cutting. Has big non-slip coated handles that are comfortable to grip and gives good leverage for easier cuts. Made with high-quality stainless-steel blades that easily lock when not using for safe storage.

PROS:  Easy to use. Has a comfortable grip that gives more leverage when using them. Has a safety lock for when you are not using them. Made from durable stainless steel for long lasting sharpness. Designed to give smooth, quick and sharp cuts.

CONS:  There have been complaints about the spring in the clippers breaks too easily.

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool

ABOUT: Specifically designed with safety and stress in mind. The idea behind this grooming tool is to cut down on the stress that nail clipping can cause. Meant to be an alternative to clipping.




FEATURES: Has two rotation speeds so you can safely and carefully grind claws and nails in stages. It is cordless so you have more control over it. Comes with several different bits that can be inserted into the tool. Has a removable rechargeable battery pack and they have additional battery packs you can purchase so your tool is always charged and ready to go.

PROS:  Has two different speeds and is cordless with a removable battery pack. It’s very quick and easy to use and gently grinds away the nails or claws painlessly.

CONS:  Some complaints on instructions not being that good and it’s difficult to put together.

Well, there you have it, our top five picks for the best nail clippers for Bengal cats. After reviewing all of them we realized that they all had their own good points to them but knowing we needed to pick one that seemed to meet all the requirements for a good grooming tool, we decided that the one we felt deserved the number one spot is the Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool.

All of these clippers on the list all did pretty good jobs when it came to clipping cat claws cleanly and safely, we just felt that when you consider all the the things one is looking for in a claw trimmer for a Bengal cat, the Dremel tended to have pretty much everything you might need.

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