Best Names for Bengal Cats

  • July 7, 2023

If you have decided that it’s time to bring home a Bengal cat, you, of course, are going to want to give them a name that fits them. Bengals are such great cats it’s only right that you give them a name that fits them. Here we will give you a list of 100 names that we believe would be great for a Bengal and hopefully it will help you pick out a name for your new family member. In this article we will include:

  • Names Inspired by Their Appearance
  • Names Inspired by Their Wild Ancestry
  • Female and Male Names
  • Fun Names

Names Inspired by Their Appearance

When it comes to Bengals you can’t talk about them without mentioning their incredibly beautiful coats. This is why we’re starting off this list with names that point to the uniqueness of their coats.

Also, these names listed here can be used for either a male or female Bengal if you like.

  • Spot – This is a classic name that is cute but also points to their markings that set them apart from most other cats.
  • Sunset – With some Bengals, the beautiful colors they have can often remind one of a sunset.
  • Smokey – Another fun name that indicates some of the beautiful coloring found on Bengals.
  • Speckles – This is a cute name similar to Spot that definitely characterizes a Bengal’s coat and it’s also a unique name to consider.
  • Butterscotch – Is an exceptionally good one for those Bengals that tend to have a warm golden color.
  • Patches – If you’re looking for a name that sums up their patterned fur, this one is a cute way of doing so.
  • Pepper – If you don’t want to focus on the warm colors of your Bengal then this name is one that will focus more on their dark markings.
  • Sable – This is a name that focuses not just on recognizing the dark markings but it also has an exotic ring to it.
  • Saffron – This exotic spice is another great choice for a name because it emphasizes their beautiful and exotic coats and ancestry.
  • Marbles – This is another cute name that can be used to distinguish the marbling found on a Bengals coat.
  • Tawny – This is a name that can define some Bengals orange/brown or yellow/brown color often found on many Bengals.

Names Inspired by Their Wild Ancestry

By now, you know that Bengal cats were specifically bred to look like an exotic wild cat, one you might find in a jungle. Here is a list of names, that symbolize their wild ancestry.

  • Leopard – Since Bengals look quite a bit like a baby leopard, why not consider this name?
  • Leo – Here’s one that is the short version of Leopard that is more trendy and modern and might fit your male Bengal perfectly.
  • Cheetah – What is more elegant than a cheetah? This wild cat name could be great for a male or female.
  • Tiger/Tigress – You can’t think about wild cats without bringing up the Tiger. For a male, you might consider Tiger and Tigress for a female.
  • Tiger Lily – If you really want to express the beauty of your female Bengal, this could be a beautiful choice.
  • Jungle Cat – This is a fun name if you are wanting to pay homage to your Bengal’s roots.
  • Hunter – This probably tends to sound more like a male name, but there’s no doubt that your female Bengal won’t mind it since it relates to their desire to hunt for prey that is still a very strong instinct within them.

Female and Male Names

Not that it matters to your cat whether their name indicates they are female or male, it is often important to their pet parents. Here is a list we’ve come up with that we think might give you some ideas about what to name your male or female Bengal.

We’ll start with female names first:

  • Honey – Not only is this a sweet and endearing name, it can also be one that recognizes your Bengal cat’s warm colored coat.
  • Amber – This is another female name that recognizes the gold to orange color of some Bengal coats. It’s also a sweet name to call your female Bengal.
  • Ginger – This is another female name that helps to define the appearance of your Bengals lovely coat.
  • Peaches – This is really an adorable name and if your Bengal has an orange hue to her, it could be an ideal name to give her.
  • Leyla – This is an Arabic name and means “Born at night”. It’s also a very feminine and graceful name to give your female Bengal.
  • Elicia – This name is of German origin and means nobility. What better name to describe the royal appearance that Bengals have?
  • Mitzie – Not sure where this name originated from but, it definitely is a cute name to give to a female.
  • Erma – This name is another one of German origin and it means “War goddess”. What an awesome name for such an exotic cat.
  • Jamille – This one is of Arabic origin and it simply means beautiful. Perfect for such a beautiful cat as the Bengal.
  • Isi – This is a Choctaw word that means deer. A nice one to represent the gracefulness of your Bengal.
  • Matteha – This cool name is Hebrew in origin and means “Gift from God”.
  • Kandiss – This version of Candace comes from the ancient title often used by Ethiopian queens. Can’t get much more royal than that.
  • Leilani – This is a beautiful name that means “Heavenly Flower”.
  • Misty – Simple yet sweet English name that could be ideal for female Bengals.
  • Adan – This is an Irish name that means “Little Fire”.
  • Jaliyiah – Even though Bengals can be very independent, they are sweet and quite loving and that is exactly what this name means.
  • Kayleigh – This is a Scottish name that means warrior. Fitting name for any female Bengal.
  • Guinevere – English name meaning “fair one” and she was the mythological queen of King Arthur. Yet another royal name for a royal breed.
  • Lianna – A lovely English name that means “Daughter of the Sun”.
  • Audra – This is a lovely English name that means “Noble Strength”.
  • Nainsi – This is an old Irish name that means graceful. Excellent for representing just how graceful Bengals can be.
  • Savannah – This could be an ideal name for any female Bengal and it means “The Open Plain”.
  • Daisi – This is the French version of Daisy, which is a cute female name for a Bengal.
  • Davina – This is an old Hebrew name that means cherished and there’s no doubt you’ll cherish your Bengal cat.
  • Muffin – This is an English term that of course means a sweet and tasty baked good, but can be a really cute name for a female Bengal.
  • Maddalene – This is a German name that means “magnificent” and after all, aren’t Bengals truly magnificent creatures?
  • Annabella – This comes from Latin and means grace and beauty. Pretty much sums up a Bengal.
  • Nakoma – This is a Native American name that can mean either “Great Warrior” or “Great Spirit”.

Let’s move onto some suggestions for some great male names if you have a male Bengal.

  • Mannie – This is just a cute sounding name. But it is actually a variation of the Spanish Emmanuel.
  • Ulysses – This is a strong name of Greek origin and represents one of their mythical gods.
  • Bradey – A good Irish name that means spirited, something all Bengals definitely tend to be.
  • Victorio – This is a Spanish name that means conqueror and many Bengals like to be the conqueror of their own territory.
  • Emory – This is an old English name that means “brave and powerful”.
  • Adalrik – This is a German name that means “Noble friend”. Something Bengals truly can be.
  • Ivan – This is a Hebrew name that means “Gift from God”.
  • Fontaine – A French name that pertains to water or a fountain. Something Bengals love, water.
  • King Tut – What a great one for those male Bengals who tend to think they’re king of the house.
  • Poseidon – Greek name for the God Poseidon and not too shabby for a male Bengal cat.
  • King – In any language we know what this means and sums up a male Bengal and his domain.
  • Quin – This is an Irish name that means “intelligent”, something Bengals are well known for.
  • Tarzan – A fun and silly name that represents the “king of the jungle”.
  • Regan – A Celtic name that means “regal”. Something Bengals truly are.
  • Lancelot – Even though this is a French name, it’s mainly associated with Sir Lancelot of the King Author myth.
  • Sheridan – A good Irish name that means “untamed”.
  • Sylvester – This one most often for cat names is associated with the lovable Loony Tunes character.
  • Milo – This is often chosen from the Movie “Milo” because of the hero cat in this movie.
  • Harley – This is a great name for anyone who loves Harley Davidson motorcycles.
  • Apollo – This is the Greek name of the mythological god of prophecy.
  • Maximus – Is a Latin term for the greatest or the biggest.
  • Noah – This is a masculine Hebrew name that means “rest”.
  • Casanova – Everyone knows about Casanova, a pretty good one for a male Bengal.
  • Chatter – This is a pretty good one for those wonderful sounds Bengals love to make.
  • Dots – This is a good one that could represent their markings.
  • Einstein – Who was more intelligent than Einstein? Pretty good one for a male Bengal.
  • Cousteau – Everyone knows the love of the sea that Cousteau had and this could make a good one for a Bengal because of their love of water.
  • Caesar – Represents power and royalty much like that of a male Bengal.
  • Churchill – A great and intelligent historical figure you might name your Bengal after.

Here are just a few more suggestions for male Bengals you might find ideal for your Bengal:

  • Admiral
  • Ajax
  • Alexander
  • Alfie
  • Ahab
  • Bojangles
  • C. or Darn Cat
  • Galahad
  • Hemmingway
  • Marco Polo
  • Napoleon

Fun Names

If you want to have a name that is whimsical or fun, there here is a list of a few names that might be just what you’re looking for.

  • Simba – Our list would not be complete if we didn’t include Simba from the beloved story “The Lion King”. This is a wonderful name for a male Bengal.
  • Nala – We also need to include this name from the same story to be fair to female Bengals.
  • Rajah – This is a great exotic name from “Aladdin”, Princess Jasmine’s loyal tiger.
  • Shere Khan – If you’re a fan of “The Jungle Book”, then this name is ideal not only because it is powerful sounding but because of how smart Shere Khan was which can point to the intelligence of your own Bengal.
  • Chester – Looking for a little bit of fun? Why not name your Bengal after “Chester the Cheetah” who is the mascot for Cheetos?
  • Coco Chanel – This could be a fun one for a female Bengal since Bengals are considered a high-end breed and Coco Chanel is considered to be a luxury name brand.
  • Prada – This name is another name that could indicate your Bengal’s high-end pedigree.
  • Ming – Since Bengals have a heritage that comes from South and East Asia, Ming could be a real classy name to choose.
  • Geisha – This is another name you could use to recognize your Bengal’s Asian heritage and could make a good one for a female.
  • Tao – This is a Chinese word that is quite complex in its meaning and could represent the complexity of the beauty of any Bengal, male or female.
  • Alani – This is a beautiful Hawaiian word that means orange blossom tree. This beautiful name would be great to represent a Bengal with similar coloring.
  • Blaze – This is a fun name that could be good for a male or female and can represent the striking colors of a Bengal cat.
  • Garfield – And what’s a fun list of names without including the lasagna-eating cat with an attitude? Not only could this be a great name for a male but it points to the attitude that Bengals often tend to display.

Well, there you have it, a list of 100 of some of our favorite names for Bengal cats. We hope that you enjoyed this list.  If you have any other name ideas, please post them in the comments!

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