How to train a bengal cat

How to Train a Bengal Cat

Bengal cats are considered one of the most intelligent cats in the cat kingdom. They often are said to even have dog like behavior. Because of this, they make for cats that are highly trainable. In this post, we hope to give you some insight into how to train your Bengal cat. In this post […]

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Do bengal cats get along with dogs

Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Dogs

Are you curious to how well Bengals and dogs get along? Are you considering getting a Bengal but already have a dog, or have a dog while interested in owning a Bengal? Bringing these two animals together in a home can be a very trying time if they don’t get along. We’re going to take […]

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How to identify a bengal cat

How to Identify a Bengal Cat

like. Perhaps it’s their name that might get some people wondering about them and where they come from. After all, the name does sound a little intimidating. This post will help you understand who these cats are and how to identify a Bengal cat when you see one. In this post we will cover: What […]

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Is a bengal cat right for me

Is a Bengal Cat Right for Me?

Cats of any breed can make wonderful and loving pets. However, there are some breeds that are far better for certain people. It’s really important that when you are deciding on what cat you want to include in your family, that they’re going to fit. This is true with Bengal cats. If you are wondering […]

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Do bengal cats shed

Do Bengal Cats Shed?

Whether curious or interested in buying a Bengal of your very own, Bengal shedding may be one part of many in deciding whether Bengals make good pets. Take a look at the previous post to learn more about other intricacies of owning a Bengal. But for the matter at hand, a Bengals coat may look […]

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