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bengal cat paws everything you want to know

Bengal Cat Paws – Everything You Want to Know

Have you ever wondered about Bengal cat paws? You don’t have to own a Bengal cat to know that kitty paws are absolutely adorable, but are Bengal cat paws different from other kitty paws? If so, how? We’re here to answer all of these questions for you, and give you everything you want to know […]

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do bengal cats have big ears

Do Bengal Cats Have Big Ears?

When it comes to the breeding of Bengal cats and what to look for, breeders have differing ideas on what they are looking for and what they want to accomplish. In this post, we will try and cover the following in order to answer the question . Head Type Body Type The Ideal Bengal Look […]

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what is silver bengal cat

What is a Silver Bengal Cat?

When it comes to Bengal cats there are always a lot of different questions that seem to pop up. Quite often there are questions related to the different variations in their coat colors as well as the markings. One question that tends to come up is what is a silver Bengal cat? In this article […]

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Do bengal cats get cold

Do Bengal Cats Get Cold?

If you are considering buying yourself a Bengal cat there are probably several questions that you have about them, including whether or not Bengal cats get cold. The short answer is that they do get cold in extreme weather, but are generally fine under normal conditions, especially if kept indoors. Bengal cats are a unique […]

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Is a Bengal Cat Dangerous?

There are a lot of sites out there that talk about Bengals a lot but a lot of them don’t describe what it can be like to live one of these beautiful creatures. There are also a lot of rumors that travel around about Bengals and here we’d like to stop one of them that […]

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