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Do Bengal Kittens Calm Down?

If you have just brought a Bengal kitten into your family you will have already noticed that they tend to be even more active and playful than a lot of other domestic kittens. Even though all kittens are very active, Bengals just seem to go above and beyond what one might consider to be normal. […]

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Do Bengal Cats Hiss

Do Bengal Cats Hiss?

There are always so many questions out there about Bengal cats. Some of them can be quite difficult to answer and others are very simple to answer. One such question we see a lot is whether or not Bengal cats hiss like other domestic cats. In this article we will answer that question for you […]

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Why do bengal cats chirp

Why Do Bengal Cats Chirp?

If you own a Bengal cat, or any cat for that matter, there’s no doubt that you’ve noticed a variety of different sounds that they make. One of those sounds, probably one of the cuter sounds they make would be their chirping. Chirping along with a variety of other sounds are not just some sort […]

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What is bengal cats habitat

What is a Bengal Cats Habitat?

Bengal cats are quite often very misunderstood because of their exotic name and the fact that they were originally come from breeding domestic cats with the Asian Leopard cat. The Asian Leopard cat is a very small and timid wild cat that lives in certain areas of Asia where you find lush jungle like environments. […]

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Is a bengal cat like a dog

Is a Bengal Cat Like a Dog?

Bengal cats are very special and lovely cats and often times their personality traits can be overwhelming for some people. This is why many people are not prepared or suited for Bengals. It’s always important to be knowledgeable about any breed you are considering bringing into your home, this is especially true when it comes […]

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