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What to know about f ratings for bengal cats

What to Know About F Ratings of Bengal Cats?

It seems to constantly come up with Bengals, terms like “F1” or “F3”, but what does it mean? Not only does the “F” number mean a lot to the makeup of the cat, it also plays a part in the laws surrounding the breed. Since it’s so important to the breed and ownership of a […]

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How did bengal cats get their name

How Did Bengal Cats Get Their Name?

The origin of the Bengal cat’s name isn’t a simple answer. The lore behind the name, doesn’t only make sense, but it also hints back to the origins behind the breed. The lore behind the name and the origin of the breed come from the same sources and breed historical stories. The Bengal breed’s name […]

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What is a bengal cat mixed with

What is a Bengal Cat Mixed With?

Bengal cats being a mixture of a wild cat and a domestic one is a fairly well known fact. But the domestic breed behind this unique and slightly wild cat is very important to its make-up. Let’s look further into the domestic breed’s influence on Bengals with these topics: The Origin The Breeds What is […]

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WHat do bengal kittens like to eat

What Do Bengal Kittens Like to Eat?

When it comes to kittens, even Bengal kittens it’s always important that they are provided with the healthiest kinds of nutrition that you can give them. Many people often wonder if Bengal kittens, because their breed tends to look so “wild” or “exotic” that they might require some sort of special needs when it comes […]

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when can bengal kittens leave their mother

When Can Bengal Kittens Leave Their Mother?

When working with a breeder, a Bengal-owner-to-be is likely waiting on baited breath to bring their new kitten home. But kittens need to go to their forever home at the right time, moving too early or too late can cause a variety of problems for the kitten. This is a rather in-depth situation so let’s […]

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