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best pet insurance for bengal cats

Best Pet Insurance for Bengal Cats

  • August 1, 2023

As much as we dread the thought, there are times when your Bengal may need medical attention that is beyond the normal vet visits that you make. Often when this happens, we are struck with the harsh reality of just how much these medical bills can be. This is why it could be a good […]

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Best Flea and Tick Protection for Bengal Cats

  • July 27, 2023

When it comes to the health of your Bengal cats there’s a lot to consider. The amount of exercise they are given, vaccinations, good food, and of course protecting them against such things as fleas and ticks. All of these things are important and in this article we’ll be covering:Why it’s Important to Protect Your […]

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Best Vitamins for Bengal Cats

  • July 21, 2023

It’s important that you make sure your Bengal lives a long, happy and healthy life and a lot of that has to do with making sure that your Bengal cat gets the nutritional requirements that their bodies require. Most of the time, if you provide them with a high-quality food, that should be enough. However, […]

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Best Treats for Bengal Cats

  • July 18, 2023

If you are like most people, more than likely you love to pamper your Bengal and lavish them with affection along with treats. One thing is for certain, you can never give your Bengal too much attention. However, when it comes to treats that is a different matter. If you give them too many treats, […]

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How Many Hours a Day Do Bengal Cats Sleep?

  • July 10, 2023

If you already own a Bengal cat, you probably wonder if they ever really sleep. That’s understandable since they tend to be a lot more active than the average domestic cat. They always seem to be on the go never wanting to stop exploring or playing. They just seem to be active every minute of […]

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