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What human food can bengal cats eat

What Human Food Can Bengals Eat?

Giving a Bengal cat only human foods that are safe for Bengals is very important to the health of the Bengal. If a Bengal eats human food that isn’t safe for it can cause serious health problems and may even lead to death. But the considerations between feline-safe human foods and feline-unsafe human foods differs […]

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WHat do bengal kittens like to eat

What Do Bengal Kittens Like to Eat?

When it comes to kittens, even Bengal kittens it’s always important that they are provided with the healthiest kinds of nutrition that you can give them. Many people often wonder if Bengal kittens, because their breed tends to look so “wild” or “exotic” that they might require some sort of special needs when it comes […]

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What shots do bengal kittens need

What Shots Do Bengal Kittens Need?

When you bring home a Bengal kitten it’s not only going to be part of your family but it’s also an investment. So, just like any family member or an investment you are going to want to make sure that nothing happens to your kitten once you’ve brought it into your home. This is why […]

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Do Bengal Cats Get Leukemia?

If a prospective Bengal owner is looking into the Bengal breed for its inability to acquire Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), then they will be sorely displeased. The Bengal breed can contract FeLV as easily as any other breed. The concept behind this and the origin of this myth are rather scientific, so let’s take a […]

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Do bengal cats like to swim

Do Bengal Cats Like to Swim?

Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that most of them seem to be totally terrified of water and will avoid it at all costs except for their drinking water. Seriously, have you ever tried giving a cat a bath? Better be wearing protective clothing that’s for sure. You can bet that more times […]

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