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What do bengal cats weigh

What do Bengal Cats Weigh?

The final size and weight of a potential pet can affect a person’s final decision on whether or not to buy or adopt the pet in question. There’s no difference in this when it comes to Bengals, knowing how much the cat will grow to weigh can affect if the home will end up welcoming […]

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Do Bengal Cats Have Thumbs

Do Bengal Cats Have Thumbs?

Anyone that’s heard of it knows exactly what it is, but for those that don’t, the term “Thumb Cat” is pretty much self-descriptive. Cat thumbs, or polydactyly as it is scientifically known, are a fun and memorable cat that are about as unique as Bengal. So when a Bengal ends up with a thumb or […]

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Do bengal cats go blind

Do Bengal Cats Go Blind?

Since it’s part regular domestic cat, the Bengal cat can go blind for the same reasons as other feline small breeds can. Besides the medical background for the blindness, the most important part is taking extra, necessary care of a special needs cat. Let’s look into the causes of feline blindness and the special care […]

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Do bengal cats spray

Do Bengal Cats Spray?

Spraying can seem innocuous for some, especially non-cat owners, but it really holds a heavy meaning for cats and their humans. Whether a breed is prone to spraying or not can be an important deciding factor for a potential owner. So when it comes to Bengals, let’s look further into spraying with these topics: What […]

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Do bengal cats get fat

Do Bengal Cats Get Fat?

There are so many questions that are always asked about Bengal cats that it seems like they are endless. One that is often asked is about their size and weight. Here in this post we will try to answer that question for you along with other things that can help you keep your Bengal cat […]

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