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Best Cat Trees For Bengal Cats

  • June 24, 2023

All cats need exercise, especially cats that remain in the house all day. This especially holds true for Bengal cats. If you own a Bengal or are considering adding one to the family then you probably already know just how active Bengals are. This is why it’s important that as their pet parent, you give […]

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best litter boxes for bengal cats

Best Litter Boxes for Bengal Cats

  • June 21, 2023

It stands to reason that you want the best for your Bengal cat. after all they’re part of the family. This is why it’s important that litter boxes for Bengal cats are going to give them the privacy and comfort they prefer. In this post, we’ll cover the following:Is Your Bengal Cat Picky About Litter Boxes?How […]

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Best Books for Bengal Cat Owners

  • July 19, 2017

If you have never owned a Bengal cat before and might be considering bringing one into your home, it’s probably a good idea to learn as much about them as you can. One good way is to consider buying a book about them to find out the information you need to be able to better […]

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Best Litter Mats For Bengal Cats

  • July 14, 2017

When it comes to cat litter and Bengals, it’s always important that you provide them with a cat litter that is going to help keep down odors, is something your Bengal will use, and cleanliness. You can read our article on Best Litter for Bengal Cats to find out more about cat litter and Bengals. […]

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