do bengal cats get along with each other

Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Each Other?

  • January 23, 2023

Whenever you bring a new pet into your home it’s always a good idea if you know if they’re going to get along with each other or at least know if they will tolerate each other. Bengal cats for example are just wonderful and intelligent creatures and they are extremely social. Right away, this is a good sign with regards to how well they can get along with others like themselves as well as other cats, pets and family members.

Each cat is an individual no matter what kind of breed that might be. However, Bengal cats are highly intelligent and very social and this gives them the advantage over a lot of other pets that you might bring into your home. But, because they are so intelligent it makes them a lot more active and curious and sometimes this can make them a handful. Even though they might be a handful, this does not stop them from forming bonds with other pets, especially their own species.

Quite often because of their desire to always be doing something, they can get both bored and lonely at times especially when they are left along. Because of this some breeders and those who know a lot about this breed will often recommend that you not only bring home one Bengal cat but two. This is because another Bengal cat will be more willing and more able to keep up with their Bengal partner’s energetic behavior.

Having two Bengals growing together and spending time together is going to help them keep their spirits up and keep them from stressing out when you are gone all day at work or off running errands. Bengal cats can be extremely attached to their pet parents and can be extremely sensitive and emotional when their pet parent is away. So having another cat that is just like them will help them keep their mind off missing you.

Even though Bengals usually get along with one another really well, it’s important that when you bring home any new pet, it’s really important that you follow several important steps in making them feel safe and comfortable. It’s always important that you make sure that there is a special room that is available for the newest member of your home. You should make sure that your new family member is set up with their own water bowl, food dish and their own litter box. This is especially true for Bengal cats. More times than not, if you have two Bengals living together or even another domestic cat and a Bengal, your Bengal is not going to want to share that litter box with the other cat. This is because they are so fastidious about making sure their litter boxes are immaculately clean!

When picking out a room for your new member of the family you need to make sure that it’s one that you too will be spending some time in and will be interacting with them. Just because they do get along with other Bengals doesn’t mean that this lets you off the hook for being interactive and affectionate with your Bengal. You need to make them feel loved and comfortable in their new home. Also make sure that you give them the same amount of affection as you do the other Bengal or pet in the home because they can sense favoritism.

Finally, even though they do get a long with each other it’s important that you allow them to learn about one another safely, so make sure that you are around when they first get introduced so that neither one of them gets hurt. Look at these two adorable Bengal kittens playing with each other:

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