Do bengal cats have to be kept indoors

Do Bengal Cats Have to be Kept Indoors?

  • February 8, 2023

Whether to let a pet cat outside can be a difficult decision for some. Cat owners will usually sway one of three ways: would never consider letting their cat outside, let their cat outside, or are up for negotiation. Pointed at all three of these kinds of people, let’s look into the decision to let pet cats outside or not as it concerns Bengals with these topics:

  • Is it different for Bengals?
  • Perks of Being Outdoors
  • Potential Dangers

Is it different for Bengals?

First off, since Bengals are such a unique and rambunctious breed, is the decision to let a pet cat outside different if it concerns a Bengal? Absolutely, as this breed has so much more energy to burn than other cat breeds.

They also exhibit more of the wild cat nature, something that both makes the Bengal yearn to be outside but also prosper out there.

This breed is much more adventurous and confident than other cat breeds, traits that are expressed in a limited nature in an only-indoor setting.

Perks of Being Outdoors

Bengals being allowed outside can make life easier for the Bengal and the owner. Not only will the Bengal be able to burn more energy while playing outside than it would inside, it also gives the Bengal the potential for the cleanliness perks of dogs.

If they Bengal is allowed outside, it can easily be trained to use the yard, garden, or other outdoor space for peeing and pooping. Sure, Bengals can be litter box trained, but cleaning out the box all the time can quickly become tiring. Having the accessibility of the larger outdoor space means cleaning up messes can easily become a less frequent task. The owner or cleaner also won’t need to clean up pee messes anymore, only poop.

Bengals are such a high-energy breed, that regular exercise may not be enough. Giving them the space and potential of playing outdoors will burn off more energy, without even taking into consideration that they’ll have more space to run. The potential for energy burning is much high for a Bengal that can exercise outdoors.

Check out the video below to see a Bengal kitten enjoying the outdoors.

Being outdoors gives the Bengal more and different options for things to play with. Bengal Cat World advises that keeping a Bengal indoors all of the time can lead to a very bored Bengal. Bored Bengals may spray, break household objects, get into trouble, and meow or incessantly annoy their owner or human family.

But outdoors there are bugs to catch, rocks and mulch to swat at, vermin to chase, birds to stalk, and so much more. Giving Bengals things to play with and use to burn energy other than the toys in their home can offer different or even better ways to burn energy.

Potential Dangers

Of course, there are dangers to take into account as well. Larger animals may pose a threat to a Bengal allowed outdoors if the other animal feels that the Bengal is encroaching on the larger animal’s territory. Not saying that the Bengal won’t be able to handle itself in a fight, but it may become severely injured trying to protect itself.

The concern that the Bengal could die from interactions while outdoors continues when taking into concern that there are diseases and infectious materials that may pose a danger to a Bengal outside. Keeping a Bengal up to date on its shots can help protect it from these concerns but it could still become sick from these health concerns.

If the Bengal is allowed to or breaks out of a confined outdoor space, it might try to cross a street or driveway. Passing vehicle might not see the Bengal in time and the results could be fatal.

Just because Bengals are known for their interest in water, doesn’t mean that every Bengal is a great swimmer. An outdoor Bengal who isn’t a great swimmer and gets near enough to a large enough body of water might drown.

Someone seeing a cat outdoors may think it’s a stray and take it home with them, a problem usually fixed by a well-fitting collar with tags. But even with address tags, someone coming across an outdoor cat could take it home if they believe the cat is in danger by being outside. People that think that cats, even Bengals, should only be kept indoors are usually the culprits in this kind of situation.

The possibility of an outdoor Bengal simply being stolen is also of high risk since they are such a pricey and sought after breed.

Neighbors irritated by the cat’s presence in or next to their yard may also take matters into their own hands, poisoning or otherwise harming cats in this situation. Supervision and special care of outdoor cats needs to be high priority for Bengals outside to prevent this from happening.

These concerns can lead to a shorter life span for outdoor cats. Bengal Cat World pins this mostly to automobile accidents and larger animals.

In the end, the decision of whether or not to let a cat, especially a Bengal, outdoors is solely up to each individual owner. The pros may outweigh the cons, or vice versa, but the final decision is to be made by the owner. Either way, it can be for the betterment of the Bengal.

So, what do you think about Bengal cats going outside?  Do you agree with what was said here?  Comment below to let us know!

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