Do bengal cats purr

Do Bengal Cats Purr?

  • December 19, 2023

Bengal cats like other cats have a variety of different ways in which they enjoy communicating. However, when it comes to Bengal cats, they often are quite different that a lot of their domesticated cousins. The Bengal voice is one that they truly want to have heard.

In this post we will answer the following questions for you:

  • Do Bengal Cats Purr?
  • Why Do They Purr?
  • How Do You Get Them to Purr

Do Bengal Cats Purr?

Just like most cats, the answer would be yes to that question. Bengal cats do purr and for a lot of  reasons too. Plain and simple, Bengal cats love to communicate and purring just happens to be one more way for them to try and get their message out there.

Along with their joy of communicating through various different meows that can be moderate to quite emphatic, they also include a variety of different types of purrs that are filled with little trills and chirps. They also love to add chattering and even little grumbling sounds when they are purring.

Even though we all might think that we know what purring means, in reality most animal experts say that the scientific world knows less about purring than anything else that a Bengal cat or any cat does. One thing is certain, Bengal cats purr to communicate.

Here’s one Bengal cat in particular showing off it’s purring ability:

Why Do They Purr?

Purring is probably one of the most common sounds that most cats make and this includes Bengal cats. There are probably a lot of different reasons that they purr but no one truly knows for sure why they do, one can only speculate.

A pretty good reason a Bengal cat might start purring is because they are expressing that they’re content at the moment. This might be seen when they are laying on your lap and relaxing as you’re scratching them gently behind their ears.

Other times they might start purring could be because they want to express how good of a mood they might be in and since purring is a calm way to express feelings this could be a way for them to communicate these good feelings. Since Bengal cats love to communicate they are more than likely going to want to communicate being in a good mood too.

Research has found that the sound of purrs can be different depending upon what the cat might be purring about. For example a lot of cats, Bengal cats included, will purr extremely loud when it comes to mealtime, because food is on their minds and food brings satisfaction. That purr sound will change however, when they are no longer thinking about food.

They also seem to like to purr when they are feeling relaxed. If you see your Bengal cat lying calmly on it’s back perhaps with it’s eyes partly shut and tail not moving much while purring, you pretty much can assume that your cat is in a nice “happy place”. You might even want to consider that particular purr as a great big smile.

Some animal experts also believe that purring gives relief and maybe even help with healing. It does take energy for purring but often all cats will purr when they’ve been hurt or even in pain. Experts believe that even though this does take effort, it is a way for the cat to try and soothe itself, much like when a small child will suck their thumb when insecure and wants to feel better.

Other experts believe that purring can actually help them heal faster. The actual vibrations that are caused by the purring seems to be able to help with the following:

  • Healing wounds and bones
  • Builds muscles and repairs tendons
  • Helps with making breathing easier
  • Brings down swelling and lessens any pain

Some vets believe this could be why cats seem to have less complications after surgery than dogs do.

How to Get Them to Purr

It seems that we as owners of Bengal cats tend to like the purring as much as they might. Often we might like to hear them purr even when they aren’t. If that happens to you here are a few steps you can take to try to encourage your Bengal cat to purr.

The most important step in getting your Bengal cat to purr more is to let your cat pick where they want to lay down. If you let them do this then you will make them feel more comfortable when you want to perhaps give them an affectionate little rub down.

The next step is to make sure that you approach your Bengal cat in a non-aggressive manner and make sure you don’t come across as wanting to play with them. It’s important that once they are in their favorite spot that you bring their favorite treat, toy or even brush to where they are. Do this by putting whatever it is behind your back so they aren’t expecting it.

Once your cat is settled and you’ve gotten settled next to them you can show them their favorite thing and either give it to them, or if it’s a brush you might gently start brushing them. If you are just using your hands just start gently stroking your cat from the lower part of the neck all the way down to the tail.

Once done with the tail move back up the back and gently stroke your cat’s back several times and move up to the head and start scratching the back, top and behind the ears. Before you know it, you will have your Bengal cat purring a lot more.

If you do this often enough, you may be surprised that your sweet Bengal will eventually reveal to you on it’s own some secret spots they’d like for you scratch for them.

By learning how to get your Bengal cat to purr in response to your physical affection to them can be a wonderful way in which you can build a much deeper bond with your furry little friend.

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