Bengal Cat Generation Information

Bengal cats are a special breed in that they are almost exclusively bred with each other to keep their bloodlines consistent.  This is done so that breeders can consider them a "Bengal Cat".  Because of this, Bengal Cats are typically labeled with different "F" labels such as F1, F2, etc.  But what do these labels mean?  What F-series is the best for a Bengal cat?

It all starts with the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) that is found in the wild and located in south and east Asia.  This is where the Bengal cat originates from and the further away a generation of Bengal cat is from an Asian Leopard Cat, the higher the F-series designation.  In other words, F1 means first generation.  F2 means second generation, etc.  The table below gives a visual representation.

Bengal Kitten Father (Stud)

Bengal Kitten Mother (Queen)

F Series Designation

Asian Leopard Cat

+ Domestic Bengal Mother

= F1 Bengal Kitten

Domestic Bengal Father

+ F1 Bengal Mother

= F2 Bengal Kitten

Domestic Bengal Father

+ F2 Bengal Mother

= F3 Bengal Kitten

Domestic Bengal Father

+ F3 Bengal Mother

= F4 Bengal Kitten

Domestic Bengal Father

+ F4 Bengal Mother

= F5 Bengal Kitten

If you're looking to get a Bengal cat for your home, it's important for you to understand that because of hybrid breeding restrictions, you'll likely get a Bengal Cat that is F5 or later.  This isn't a bad thing.  Because Bengal cats were originally so close to the ALC, there were many restrictions put on the breed from the US Fish and Wildlife service.  But now, after years of breeding and getting generations further away from the ALC, the Bengal cat is considered a domestic cat.  

The further away a kitten gets from being a first generation Bengal, the more their attitude and physical characteristics change.  Because of this, we decided it would make sense to create a definitive guide for each Bengal Cat generation so that you can understand the difference between all of them.  Choose the F Series designation that you want to learn about below and you'll be brought to their guide.