How do bengal cats show affection

How Do Bengal Cats Show Affection?

  • February 8, 2023

All cats tend to get a bad rap for being considered extremely independent and lacking in showing affection. This would include Bengal cats. However, this kind of belief usually comes from those who have never owned a cat. Even though cats may tend to be far more independent than dogs, they still have their own ways of showing affection to their pet parents. Bengal cats are no different than any other cat when it comes to affection. In this post we will cover the following:

  • Bengal Cats Do Get Bored and Lonely
  • Bengal Cats Show Affection Through Action
  • Bengal Cats Show Affection Through Sound

Bengal Cats Do Get Bored and Lonely

Because Bengal cats are so intelligent and constantly desire to be the center of attention, it’s not uncommon for a Bengal cat to get especially bored and even lonely when their pet parents are away. There are several reasons for that. One is that since they are so active and curious, if they don’t have enough interesting things to do while you are gone, they will often be destructive. The other reason is that even if you don’t realize it, Bengal cats form extremely strong attachments to their pet parents.

When a Bengal cat is left alone without their pet parent they often will miss them so much that when they finally do come home, they can be so happy to see them that they refuse to let them out of their sight. They will follow their pet parents everywhere they go and try everything they can to get the attention they so want.

Bengal cats can be very emotionally sensitive to their surroundings and can be overly stressed when they are left alone too long or if the environment is emotionally charged. They can easily pick up on the feelings of those around them. So becoming lonely can be something they easily can be susceptible to and as a Bengal owner this is something that needs to be addressed in some way.

Bengal Cats Show Affection Through Action

Just because a Bengal cat may not want to lay on your lap all day long and cuddle, doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to show affection or want to. This couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to Bengal cats. One of the ways in which they love to show their affection for their pet parents is by always wanting to interact with them. They truly want to be the focal point of all family activity. This is especially true and shows with the way they react when their pet parents get home.

Quite often Bengal cats will follow pet parents all of the place trying to get their attention. They love to get involved with everything and want to make sure that they get the attention they are craving. They don’t want to miss out on a thing and will jump up on counters to see what is going on, follow pet parents to the bathroom to take a shower or bath with them. You name it, they’ll probably do it to get the point across.

Since they are so active and form such strong bonds they are always wanting to show their affection by insisting that they be played with. They love to games that are interactive with those who own them and enjoy showing off their talents. This makes them extremely easy to train because they love it when they are given more opportunities to use their extreme intelligence.

Just like all other cats, one favorite way for them to show their affection through action would be what’s called “bunting”. This is when cats rub their faces against you or they head butt you. They do this to leave their scent on their pet parent and it’s a sign of friendliness or friendship. Bengal cats are no different, they love showing their affection in this manner as well.

Another action method of showing their affection is “kneading”. Anyone who has owned a cat knows what this is and it goes back to their “kittenhood” when they would knead the mother cat to release more milk for them. A lot of cats keep this action, including Bengals, of kneading to express they are content with their life. Below is a video showing a Bengal expressing affection through kneading.


Bringing gifts to those they love is also another action that most cats tend to do. This is true with Bengals as well. Quite often they will provide you with gifts they think might be appreciated such as a special toy, bugs anything else they may have caught. Bengals especially are good at hunting and don’t be surprised to find a dead mouse occasionally waiting for you.

Slow blinking is yet another action that you might receive from your Bengal cat. This is when they blink very slowly at you showing that they are very comfortable and relaxed. It’s always suggested that you return the same kind of slow blink to let them know you love them too.

Bengal Cats Show Affection Through Sound

Most cats can be vocal. However, Bengal cats seem to be a lot more vocal that most domestic cats. They love to communicate what they want and when they want it. They also use a variety of different sounds to let their pet parents know just how much they may have missed them during the day and how much they love them.

Not only do Bengal cats love to receive affection they love to let pet parents know that they expect them to stop what they are doing to accept the affection they want to give to them. They can be quite vocal about what they want with loud meows and chirping noises to get their pet parents to notice them. They are far from being shy about what they want.

Of course, the most common sound that shows contentment and affection would be purring. Purring is one of their more complex forms of expression. Most of the time a purr is because they are extremely happy and content with life in general. However, sometimes it can be a self-soothing action for them whenever they might be stressed out. But, if your Bengal cat is next to you and purring very loudly, rest assured it’s more than likely that they are letting you know how happy they are you are there and it’s their way of telling you this. Below is another video showing a Bengal wanting attention through meowing.

So, did this post help you see that Bengal cats can show affection in different ways? Please let us know what you think by leaving your comment below.


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