How Much is a Bengal Cat in Australia

How Much is a Bengal Cat in Australia?

  • October 3, 2023

Whether you live in Australia, plan on moving there or are just curious about how much a Bengal cat costs in Australia, our hope is that this article will give you a little more insight to that question. When it comes to pricing Bengal cats whether it’s here in the United States, or in Australia, you need to realize it depends upon a lot of different factors. In this article we will cover:

  • Things to Know About Adopting a Bengal
  • How Much is a Bengal Cat in Australia?
  • Some Top Australian Bengal Breeders

Things to Know About Adopting a Bengal

It probably doesn’t matter where you happen to adopt your Bengal cat from, there are a variety of things you should be aware of before adopting one. Whether it’s here in the United States or in Australia, all breeders have their own rules and expectations and there are specific things that you should expect from them as well. You also will be expected to be prepared to welcome your Bengal into your home and have all the things they will need to live a wonderful and healthy life.

Here is a list of the items that you should have available the minute you bring home that beautiful Bengal:

Although there are plenty of other things that you can get for them, this list contains the top items that you should have ready for your Bengal when you bring them home.

When it comes to what you should look for in a breeder, this is just as important as you being prepared for bringing your Bengal home.

Be Aware

When considering buying a Bengal in Australia you need to be aware that most of the breeders will only sell their kittens to homes that have been pre-approved to be adopted out to. Quite often, once the family is approved, the kittens are purchased before they are even born.  Also, in most cases they require that you put your name on a waiting list that requires a deposit that is non-refundable and can range anywhere from $200 to $500 Australian dollars. Be aware that many breeders in Australia will only sell their Bengals to people who will only keep their cats indoors and agree to allow them to go outside only when supervised.

Note: Unless you are a registered breeder, breeders will not sell Bengals that have not been spayed or neutered.

What You Should Expect for Your Money

When buying a Bengal kitten make sure that the breeder includes all of the following:

  • Pedigree papers
  • All required vaccinations
  • Spayed or neutered if not for breeding
  • Micro-chipped
  • Vet checked
  • Have been well socialized
  • Go home with a kitten pack
  • Trained to litter box
  • Totally weaned from mother and eating solid food

A good breeder should be one that does not sell their kittens too young. It’s best that you find a breeder that prefers to keep them with their mother for about 12 weeks.

How Much is a Bengal Cat in Australia?

Just like in the United States the price of individual Bengals are going to vary. It all depends on the breeder and the type of of Bengal you are looking for. Below is a list of approximate prices that you can expect to see coming from breeders in Australia.

Pet Kittens, Breeders & Adults

Pet kittens are kittens that are spayed or neutered for people who are not breeders. Breeder kittens of course are meant for future breeding and are only available for sale to registered breeders. The adult Bengals are those who are retired breeders and have been spayed or neutered and are up for adoption. Prices are in Australian dollars.

  • Marbled – $600 to $1000
  • Spotted/Rosettes – $1000 to $2200
  • Snow Kittens – $1200
  • Breeder Kittens – $3500 to $4000
  • Retired adults – $250 to $500

Some Top Australian Breeders

If you are looking for more information about adopting Bengals and are considering adopting from an Australian breeder here is a short list of some of the top breeders to help you get started with your research.

  • Benglenan Bengals – These breeders are dedicated to breeding Bengals that have distinctive leopard markings and glittering pelts from both local and imported bloodlines.
  • Hillside Lodge Little Leopards – These breeders offer a specialist Bengal breeding program that’s based in Glenorie within Sydney’s “The Hills District”. They focus on health, the wild look of the Bengals and their temperament.
  • Kinglake Bengals – A small breeder that focuses on breeding especially strong muscular wild looking Bengals with loving personalities. They specialize in the golden brown and the sepia colored variety of Bengal.
  • Cat Empire Bengals – These breeders specialize in brown spotted/rosetted and rare Blue Bengals.
  • Bansuli – These breeders pride themselves on breeding both brown and silver rosetted Bengals.
  • Jabring – Pride themselves on being responsible and ethical breeders who strive for breed quality with a high-quality wild look.
  • Ajays Silver Bengals – These are breeders that specialize in just breeding high-quality silver Bengals with stunning coats and wonderful temperaments.
  • Bairnsdale Bengals – Breeders who breed all types of Bengals.

So, we hope that this has help answer your question about how much Bengal cats cost in Australia. If you have any additional information or would like to add your comment, please feel free to do so. Thank you!

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