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We are the largest FREE resource on the internet focused on educating people about Bengal Cat and Kittens.  Whether you're looking to get information about adopting, trying to find the best breeder in your area, or see if a Bengal cat is right for you and your family, we have the information that you need.  Below is a number of resources to help you find what you're looking for.

What Products Should I Buy My Bengal Cat?

One of the most common issues that people come across when they have or are adopting a Bengal cat is trying to understand what products they should buy.  Because the Bengal breed tends to be different than other cat breeds, they have different needs.  To fix this problem, we've reviewed many products and compiled a list of our recommendations for all Bengal Cat owners.

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Though we have a lot of great information on our website, one of the best ways to learn more about Bengal Cats is to speak with people who already have them.  Join our exclusive Facebook community to meet a number of Bengal cat breeders and owners today.

What are the Behavioral Traits of a Bengal Cat?

Before you consider adopting a Bengal cat, it's in your best interest to understand their behavior and what makes them different than other cats.  This area of our website answers many questions about Bengal cat behavior and how to interact with your furry friend.

Where to find a Reputable Breeder

If you're looking for a reputable Bengal breeder, doing a search on Google often isn't enough.  When you do this, you'll find a number of breeders with different websites and credentials that will quickly give you "information overload".  We've simplified everything with our Bengal breeder database.

What are the Physical Traits of a Bengal Cat?

How big is your Bengal cat going to get?  Will your Bengal cat make people with allergies suffer?  These are the types of questions that this section of our website will answer.  Knowing the physical traits of the Bengal cat prior to adoption will help you understand what to expect.  

How do I Keep a Bengal Cat Healthy?

A healthy cat is a happy cat and the Bengal breed is no exception.  Knowing what type of diet to have your Bengal cat on, the types of immunizations to have a vet administer, and how to make sure your Bengal cat is getting enough exercise are all extremely important.

What is it Like to Breed Bengal Cats?

Some people love Bengal cats so much that they decide they want to start a breeding program.  But is that really something you're ready to begin?  This area of our website will help you understand how a Bengal breeding program works and what to expect if you want to try it yourself.