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  • January 31, 2023

All cats seem to like to play it just seems to be part of their natural curiosity and temperament. But, when it comes to the Bengal cat, that can sometimes be an entire different story. Seems from the moment they open their eyes and are walking around, it’s nearly non-stop play. They especially love to play with their humans, so you need to be prepared for that. In this post we will be covering the following:

  • What Do Bengal Cats Like to Play With?
  • Great Toys to Get for Your Bengal Cat
  • Games You Can Play with Your Bengal Cat

What Do Bengal Cats Like to Play With?

The first thing you should realize that Bengal cats are extremely active and they can get bored quite easily and lonely if you don’t provide them with enough stimulation to keep that active mind of theirs occupied. This can then lead them to find whatever they think is interesting to play with. For you, this could mean that you may end up with things you like being broken or even things may end up missing. Bengal cats can be known to be little thieves and will take things they find interesting and hide them in special places. So, to answer the question about what they like to play with, it could be pretty much anything they deem interesting and fun.

Since Bengal cats love to play in water, many pet parents will take that love of water and let them have their own kiddie pool. This alone will be something most Bengals will appreciate. But, to make this now kitty pool more fun, it’s always a good idea to add a couple of toys that float in water. Otherwise they will find something of their own to drop in the water to play with. Any small toy that will stay floating in water will make your Bengal happy.

Since Bengals are so inquisitive and intelligent often they love to play with toys that challenge them. These are cat toys that will offer problem solving games that they are challenged to figure out on their own. Any toy that makes them have to use their brains to figure out is going to be a toy that any Bengal cat is going to enjoy. They love toys that make them try to figure out how to get an object out of another object. This is the kind of toy that can keep them occupied for a very long time, until of course when they figure it out, then they’ll want to move onto the next problem to solve. This means that you should have plenty of different toys for your Bengal to keep them occupied. A lot of pet parents even make their own interactive toys and games for their Bengals because they just tend to be too smart to keep playing with the same thing over and over again.

It’s important that you realize just how much Bengals love to play, it’s just part of their nature. So, always make sure that you not only have enough interesting toys for them, but that you also make sure that you set enough time aside to play with them and interact with them. Check out Bengal cat playing with toys in a kiddie pool:

Great Toys to Get for Your Bengal Cat

Since Bengal cats require that they have plenty of things to keep them occupied so they’ll stay out of trouble, here are some really good ideas for cat toys that should keep your Bengal happy, at least for awhile.

  • Teaser Wands – These are interactive toys that you will need to be involved with unless you figure out a way to set it up to where your Bengal can play with it on it’s own. This toy is a wand that has a variety of different interesting items attached to it. It almost always has a few feathers attached to it and sometimes they will also include beads and bells to add more interest. More expensive and elaborate versions come with their own special stands for your cat to amuse themselves when you’re not playing with them.
  • Squeak Teaser – This is a wand toy that has a feather attached at the end of it and comes equipped with an electronic sound module tat has a squeak sound that sounds to them like a real mouse. It also is a toy that is filled with catnip so it’s going to add a little extra fun for your Bengal.
  • Weeble Wobble Bird – This is a stand alone interactive toy that combines a feather, stuffed bird toy with catnip and a base that wobbles but doesn’t fall over. The feathers on it will peak your cats interest and the wobbling with give it the movement of prey. It encourages your Bengal to play on their own.
  • Leather Toys – For some reason all cats, even Bengals seem to really like leather. Some even seem to have a craving for it. One of the reasons is that they seem to really like how the leather feels when they play with it. Leather toys are very good for Bengals because the leather is durable and will last a long time.
  • Crazy Critter Magic Tail – This is a toy that looks like a tail and is covered in fake fur. When a cat plays with it, it makes crackle sounds and also has a bell on it which is another thing that will attract any Bengal cat.
  • Colorful Cat Balls – These are multi-colored little balls that most Bengals go crazy over because they can easily bat them around and chase them. They also make rattling sounds when they roll to help keep your Bengal interesting in it.
  • Any Catnip Filled Toy – It doesn’t matter what kind of a cat you own, catnip is just something they can’t seem to get enough of. Especially Bengals, so it’s probably a really good idea that you have plenty of toys that are filled with catnip.
  • Interactive Feeders – There are a variety of different kinds of cat feeders, but, you might want to find one that has different interactive compartments attached to it where you hide cat treats for your Bengal. This will encourage your cat’s mental development, encourage a play experience that rewards them when they find the cat treat.
  • Catnip Cyclone – This is a toy that creates air currents to stimulate the aroma from the catnip that is put in the center. There is also a ball included that rotates around this toy that gives them some added enjoyment.
  • Talking Animals – There are some toys out there that add a little surprise and interest to them for your cat. They’re little stuffed animals that are filled with catnip but they also talk to your cat. They make realistic sounds to your cat and are motion activated. Some examples would be a frog that will say “Ribbet, ribbet” or a duck that might go “Quack, quack”. Definitely something that will peak the interest of your Bengal.

It’s important to note that cat toys can actually be one of the most important things that you have available for your Bengal. They are actually quite crucial in keeping them stimulated both mentally and physically. Without them your cat can become bored, lonely, destructive and even overweight if they don’t get enough exercise. So make sure that you have plenty of toys for your Bengal to choose from.

Probably one of the most important toy that you can get for your Bengal cat would be a very sturdy and interesting cat tree that includes cubbies and shelves on them at varying heights. This will give your Bengal a place to scratch on, and not your furniture, a place to climb up on and jump down from. It also gives them a place where they can be mischievous an plan sneak attacks, or it can simply give them a nice hiding place or a cozy area where they can get away from it all.

Games You Can Play With Your Bengal Cat

Bengal cats love to play with their pet parents. Never think that they don’t. Not only do they love regular play sessions with you, they actually need it for a healthy life and relationship with you. There are all kinds of games that you can play with them but they all can be broken down into four different game styles. Those styles are: pounce, bird, hide-and-seek and rabbit. When you get your cat involved in these styles of play you are tapping into their “Inner Hunter” and they love that.

  • Bird Style Games – These are the style of games that involve you taking a feather wand toy and waving it around. This will get them to leap into the air and try to catch the object that’s flying around in the air. When you play this kind of game with them just make sure that it’s in a safe place that has plenty of room so your Bengal doesn’t go off flying into the furniture.
  • Pounce Style Games – In order to play this game right you need to make sure that your Bengal has some way to leap on any moving object you’re playing with. You should create a target of some sort by moving your fingers under a bedspread for example. Ever notice how your Bengal often likes to pounce on your bed when you are trying to make it. That’s because they love playing pounce games and they see making the bed a prime opportunity to play.
  • Rabbit Style Games – This is the kind of game that is going to bring out your Bengal’s true natural instinct to pull a toy into their belly while they are on their back and then they kick the toy with their back legs and shake it around like it’s some kind of prey. The best way to get your cat to play like this is by giving them a toy that is covered in lightweight fur and feathers or one that’s filled with catnip. You can take the toy and throw it across the floor and immediately you will see your Bengal grab it and start to attack it with their back legs once they’ve captured it.
  • Hide -and-Seek Style Games – This is the type of game that unharnesses your Bengal’s natural predatory skills. They love to hide in wait for their prey so they can catch them by surprise. This is why you might often find your cat hiding under furniture, blankets and so on and then they just seem to spring out from nowhere. If you don’t want your feet to be their prey it’s always a good idea to flush your cat out from their hiding place by throwing out a cat toy or even a wadded up piece of paper is good for this game.

So, did this help you discover what kinds of toys your Bengal might love to play with? Please let us know what you think and share your thoughts with us by commenting below:

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