Price of Bengal cat

What is the Price of a Bengal Cat?

  • December 27, 2023

A prospective Bengal owner may be looking into how much a Bengal cost, researching a breeder’s price, or deciding whether the breed is worth the cost. Whatever the reason, finding out how much these unique cats can cost. But what goes into this price? Let’s take a look into it with these topics:

  • The specifics of the Bengal
  • Other factors
  • Depends on the breeder

The specifics of the Bengal

One factor in the price of a Bengal is its ancestry. The distance from the Asian Leopard Cat can affect the price as well as the breed of domestic cat bred into it.

The parents are also important for this, if its parents are well known or highly rewarded in cat shows, it can raise the price of the offspring. This goes for a Bengals grandparents and great-grandparents, if applicable.

The price of a Bengal can also vary depending on the type of Bengal and the coat color. Certain types of Bengals with certain coat colors usually cost more than others, including the Bengal coat that comes with blue eyes. These types of Bengals aren’t bred easily and have to bred with the intention set of producing that specific type of Bengal from the beginning.

Then, of course, is the age of the Bengal. An adult Bengal being sold for whatever reason probably won’t cost as much as a kitten because part of the cat’s life has already passed by. An adult Bengal is typically harder to train as well, while a kitten hasn’t experienced any different than their owner is teaching them.

Other factors

A prospective owner will also need to add in the repeated cost of raw meat if they want to feed their new Bengal this nutritious meal. If the kitten’s parents at this type of meal, it may be in the kittens better interests to eat it as well.

These types of meals can get a little messy over time though, so the new owner is the final decider for this. If the owner feels that serving the Bengal dry or wet kibble is Just as good as making up a messy concoction of mulched raw meat and vitamins, then that’s what the cat will be eating. As long as it’s a good food, both options are healthy and beneficial for the Bengal.

There’s also the better interest of the kitten purchased. Remember, Bengal are a high energy breed that need a lot of exercise and things to interact with and do during the day. If they don’t have enough attention grabbing, feline friendly items around them, they’ll turn to playing with or destroying their owner’s possessions.

This is why many Bengal owners find it beneficial for their breakables to buy two Bengal kittens at once. Having a playmate can go a long way in preoccupying a Bengal when home all day.

This can factor in to the price of a Bengal however. A prospective owner may prefer the Bengal sibling playmate approach but not be able to afford two kittens at once. This may mean putting off buying a Bengal duo or buying only one with lots of toys.

But really, the option of buying two Bengal kittens is a pretty good one. Just check out the video below to know why.

Depends on the breeder

There’s various things that go into the price of a Bengal but inevitably it comes down to breeder choice. The breeder will likely take into consideration all of the factors listed, some but not all, and maybe others, but in the end the choice on the cost of their kittens is up to them. They can decide what price they want to sell the kittens for.

The best place to find a breeder is right on our website in our Bengal Cat Breeder directory.

Some can be haggled with, others can’t, and even when haggling, the breeder still decides whether a proposed price is right. Remember, the breeder can always choose the price of the kitten because they took the time, energy, and use of the mother and father in order to birth these kittens.

They may have even gone further than that and gave their kittens other, special attributes that may or may not raise the price above other comparable kittens and litters. Some breeders will register their kittens with The International Cat Association (TICA), train them in certain simple tricks, or train them in certain simple tricks but in multiple languages.

There are multiple influences that go into the price of a Bengal, whether an adult or a kitten. And since the price can effect whether a potential owner buys a Bengal or not, it is important to understand why the price of a Bengal is what it is and can vary from kitten to kitten.

So, what do you think about the cost of Bengals?  Do you agree with what was said here?  Comment below to let us know!

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