Bengal Breeder Agreement

To be a Bengal breed member certificate is important for the health, safe, and trust in our community; that is why we aim to get different features in our platform that grants this.

When paying for the membership, you’ll have your own space inside the platform, which will help you get more visibility among the potential buyers and adopters. We want the best process, so this new site will include various tools to help you in your Bengal breeding program.

 Our paid membership will provide the safety and regulations you’ll need to make your breeding program trustable.


While breeding, I will only use cats that are healthy and free from disease and are consistent with the characteristics of the Bengal breed of cats.  I will do everything I can to give the breeding cats a suitable environment and once a queen has become pregnant, agree to provide her with a safe and comfortable environment to give birth.  After a litter has been delivered, I will help the queen care for the litter and provide enough food, water, and attention for each cat/kitten.


I agree to always keep the physical and mental heath of my Bengal cats and kittens at the forefront of my breeding program.  I understand that Bengal cats are dependent on me for a safe environment and as a breeder I have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure all cats and kittens in my program are cared for appropriately.  To ensure that the cats and kittens are healthy, I will provide them with the following:

  • A clean living space large enough for exercise that is preferably indoors.
  • Adequate food and water
  • An environment where the cats and kittens will interact with other people and/or animals who will treat them kindly.
  • Veterinary care and immunizations appropriate to the age of the cat.


When allowing my Bengal cats and kittens to be adopted by others, their well-being is more important to me than any other factor.  I will not sell cats and kittens to wholesalers or retailers.  I also won't buy or sell full litters of kittens at one time.  When I sell a cat or kitten to a third-party, I will have a discussion to determine if the potential home is a good fit.  I agree to educate the third-party about things that they need to know including, but not limited to, expenses, food and water requirements, time required for care, temperament, ability to live with other people/animals, exercise habits, and any other information that the third-party will find helpful in caring for the Bengal cat.  


I agree to keep records of all mating efforts and pedigrees.  I will register new kittens and mating cats with a reputable cat organization (we recommend TICA).  I will keep a veterinarian record on each cat to ensure that the buyer understands what care has been given in the past.   I will provide the adopting third-party with written guidelines/instructions to help them care for the Bengal cat/kitten and make myself available should any questions arise.


If, at anytime, I discover that my previously adopted cats or kittens are in danger, abandoned, neglected, or mistreated, I will do my best to reacquire the Bengal cat/kitten and find it another more suitable home.