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Bengal Breeder Agreement

At Bengal Cat Club, the well-being of the Bengal cat breed is our top priority. We work hard to educate those interested in purchasing a Bengal cat, but we also try our best to connect those same individuals with reputable breeders.

Because of this, we’ve created our “Bengal Breeder Agreement”.

Simply put, this is a list of best practices and rules that all of our certified breeders have personally agreed to. Although it isn’t as powerful as visiting each cattery individually, it’s a step to help us preserve the health and safety of every Bengal kitten and Bengal cat that goes through our certified breeders.  


While breeding, I will only use cats that are healthy and free from disease and are consistent with the characteristics of the Bengal breed of cats.  I will do everything I can to give the breeding cats a suitable environment and once a queen has become pregnant, agree to provide her with a safe and comfortable environment to give birth.  After a litter has been delivered, I will help the queen care for the litter and provide enough food, water, and attention for each cat/kitten.


I agree to always keep the physical and mental heath of my Bengal cats and kittens at the forefront of my breeding program.  I understand that Bengal cats are dependent on me for a safe environment and as a breeder I have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure all cats and kittens in my program are cared for appropriately.  To ensure that the cats and kittens are healthy, I will provide them with the following:

  • A clean living space large enough for exercise that is preferably indoors.
  • Adequate food and water
  • An environment where the cats and kittens will interact with other people and/or animals who will treat them kindly.
  • Veterinary care and immunizations appropriate to the age of the cat.


When allowing my Bengal cats and kittens to be adopted by others, their well-being is more important to me than any other factor.  I will not sell cats and kittens to wholesalers or retailers.  I also won't buy or sell full litters of kittens at one time.  When I sell a cat or kitten to a third-party, I will have a discussion to determine if the potential home is a good fit.  I agree to educate the third-party about things that they need to know including, but not limited to, expenses, food and water requirements, time required for care, temperament, ability to live with other people/animals, exercise habits, and any other information that the third-party will find helpful in caring for the Bengal cat.  


I agree to keep records of all mating efforts and pedigrees.  I will register new kittens and mating cats with a reputable cat organization (we recommend TICA).  I will keep a veterinarian record on each cat to ensure that the buyer understands what care has been given in the past.   I will provide the adopting third-party with written guidelines/instructions to help them care for the Bengal cat/kitten and make myself available should any questions arise.


If, at anytime, I discover that my previously adopted cats or kittens are in danger, abandoned, neglected, or mistreated, I will do my best to reacquire the Bengal cat/kitten and find it another more suitable home.