Best Scratching Post for Bengal Cats 2018
best scratching post for bengal cats

Best Scratching Post for Bengal Cats

All cats, including Bengal cats have a need to scratch. It's not only a form of exercise and fun for them, but it’s also a natural way for them to trim their own claws. It's also a pretty good idea to offer them a special place for scratching so they don't turn to your favorite piece of furniture and end up destroying it.

Here we'll take a look at the following with regards to scratching posts:

  • ​Why Bengal Cats Scratch
  • What to Look For When Buying a Scratching Post
  • Our Top Five Picks for the Best Bengal Cat Scratching Posts

Why Bengal Cats Scratch

There are a variety of reasons why cats feel the need to scratch. Sometimes it could be that they need to shed off the dead outer layer on their claws. Sometimes it could be that it's a way in which they want to mark their territory. Other times, it's just because they like scratching in order to stretch their bodies and get a chance to flex their little paws.

Scratching done by your Bengal cat however, can become an issue when they live indoors. If they don't have something they personally enjoy scratching, they can turn to your furniture and cause a lot of damage. When you provide them with their own place to scratch you are not only making them happy but you won't have to deal with damaged and unsightly furniture.

What to Look for When Buying a Scratching Post

Providing your Bengal cat with a great scratching post is going to be rewarding for both you and your cat and there are all types of posts available to choose from. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and heights, so you are going to want to find the one that best suits your individual Bengal.

One thing that might be difficult in the beginning is to get them to use it. You can do so by encouraging them with catnip or hang a toy from it to peak their interest. Also, make sure that you reward your cat every time they use it with a favorite snack.

Here are some pointers to help you find the right post for your Bengal cat:

  • Appealing Texture – The scratching post that you pick needs to have a texture that is appealing to your cat. A lot of the ones you find in your local pet store may look pretty and soft to the touch because they're covered in nice carpet. However, this material can be totally ineffective for your cat when it comes to scratching. Instead, the post should have a rough texture that lets your Bengal rake their nails across its surface. Your Bengal wants to dig their claws into the objects surface so they can remove the dead outer claw sheath and a soft carpet is not going to do that. One of the best surfaces that most cats enjoy is sisal rope covering.
  • Needs to Be Sturdy – You need to make sure that the scratching post you pick is one that is sturdy and doesn't wobble when your cat tries to use it. If it's unstable, they're going to go right back to that sofa. Height or length is important too. You need to make sure the post gives them room to stretch their muscles as well as work their claws.
  • Find a Good Location – Once you have purchased the scratching post, it's important that you find the right spot to place it. Most people think that the best thing is to put it out of the way because they aren't always the most attractive item in the room. However, this is the wrong way of thinking. Your post needs to be placed where your Bengal likes to scratch. If there happens to be a piece of furniture they've been trying to scratch, then this is exactly where you need to place the post. You also want to make sure the placement is as convenient as possible for your Bengal cat and not just for you.

Here's a video of a little Bengal kitten enjoying a scratching post:

Our Top Five Choices for Best Bengal Cat Scratching Posts

After doing some of our own research on cat scratching posts, we've picked our five of our own personal favorites that we hope will narrow your shopping list for a scratching post that will fit the needs of your Bengal.

Below you will find our list of our top five favorite cat scratching posts that your Bengal just might like.

Living Express Multi-activity Kitty/Cat Scratching Post/Pad With Catnip

ABOUT: This scratching post/pad is one that is quite unique in its design offering not just an area for stretching and scratching but it also gives Bengals the opportunity to play, rub and simply relax.




FEATURES: This scratching post/pad is triangular in shape so that your cat can lay out as they scratch and stretch. It also has a multi-activity style design that gives cats three different kinds of surfaces that they can scratch, rub, stretch and climb on. It also includes two different sized holes that will peak your Bengal's natural exploring and inquisitive instincts. It comes with a ball that can be hidden inside of the activity center and includes catnip. It's made of sturdy recycled materials with the scratching surfaces made from heavy duty cardboard that lasts longer than other thinner surfaces.

PROS:  It has a unique triangular shape, has two different holes for them to play with and explore. It's made of AAAA grade recycled cardboard and comes with a bag of catnip and a bell ball that could peak your cats interest. Comes with a 100% money back guarantee if your Bengal doesn't like it.

CONS: Some people have reported issues with getting their cat to use it, but that's usually more of a training issue than an issue with the item itself.

Pioneer Pet SmartCat The Ultimate Scratching Post

ABOUT: This is clearly a scratching post that is designed simply for enticing cats to do what they naturally do, scratch. It's one that has a sole purpose of giving cats the opportunity to scratch as much as they desire and to stretch out their muscles. With it's 32 inches of height it allows cats to get a full on stretch going.




FEATURES: This scratching post is one that is easily and quickly put together with two screws taking little time to put it together. It comes with a sturdy base that doesn't wobble and won't tip over when your Bengal is using it. With its height it will allow a full vertical stretch for your cat. The post itself is made from durable sisal rope which tends to naturally inspire cats to scratch.

PROS:  Constructed of very durable material, is extremely sturdy and doesn't wobble so that it attracts cats. It's tall enough so cats can stretch out as far as possible without tipping over. The scratching section of the post is composed of durable and natural sisal rope which most cats love.

CONS:  There have been some concerns that some cats have not liked this particular type of scratching post. As any product, it is always up to the individual personality of each cat.

Perfect Pet Cat Scratcher Lounge

ABOUT: This is yet another unique style of cat scratcher that gives cats are really big scratching area for them to work with. There even seems to be enough room for more than one cat to rest or or play with. This unique scratcher has a really modern design and is made of eco-friendly durable and sturdy recycled high-density cardboard.




FEATURES: This scratcher has a really unique design that is curved and it makes scratching and lounging around for cats a lot easier and more comfortable. It gives them plenty of room to stretch out as well. It comes with some catnip that pet owners can sprinkle on the lounge to make it more inticing for their cat to scratch. Due to the type of cardboard that the scratching surface is made of there is less shredding that comes from their scratching.

PROS:  Has a great design that is attractive and modern design that actually looks good in any room. Made with durable and sturdy high-density cardboard that most cats seem to like scratching on. Comes with catnip to help increase your cats interest in the scratching lounge. Big enough for more than one cat to enjoy at the same time.

CONS:  Only concern here seems to be the price for what you get. Some folks feel you can get something very similar for cheaper at a local pet store.

4 CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post

ABOUT: This particular scratching post by 4 CLAWS is one that ensures stability because it is one that can be mounted to any wall. With it being mounted to a wall it automatically gives your cat extra stability and sturdiness to keep cats interested.




FEATURES: This is a nice tall vertical post that allows for plenty of vertical scratching and stretching for your cat. It easily mounts to any wall to give it even more sturdiness. It includes stainless steel screws for mounting along with wall anchors for easy installation. The scratching post itself is made from durable sisal rope which is also environmentally friendly.

PROS:  This scratching post is modern and made of natural materials. Because you can mount it to the wall it is not only sturdy but also is a space saver if you don't have much room for a scratching post. Sturdy enough for even the biggest of Bengals.

CONS:  Biggest concern here is that some cats tend to not be attracted to this style of post and that it's a little small for the price you pay.

4 CLAWS Jute Tripod Scratching Post

ABOUT: Another scratching post from 4 CLAWS with this one being in the shape of a tri-pod. This particular style of post allows for vertical scratching and stretching for cats. Its design is meant to give cats more than one scratching surface and the ability to also climb.




FEATURES: The overall height of this post is 30 inches and it gives the opportunity for cats to do a little climbing as well as scratching. The tri-pod design also gives them several different areas where they can do all the scratching they want. It is made of natural jute and is durable and good material for most cat claws. The joints are aluminum and have an anodized finish with stainless steel screws for easy installation.

PROS:  Good height for allowing cats to do a lot of stretching and some climbing. The three legs give them multiple surfaces to scratch. Materials that this post is made of are environmentally safe. It has a modern design and it doesn't take up a lot of room.

CONS:  Main concern is that it seems have a tendency to slide a little bit when cats use it and it may have to be placed up against a surface to secure it.

After taking a close look at these five choices, it's our conclusion that the top winner in this category needs to go to the Living Express Multi-activity Kitty/Cat Scratching Post/Pad With Catnip. All of these posts that we reviewed have their own great features, however, the Living Express is the clear winner here because it seems to meet many of the criteria that a lot of Bengal cat owners seem to be looking for.

The scratching post is unique in the fact that it offers Bengal cats more than just a durable place to scratch and stretch. It offers entertainment to help keep their interest, which is important for Bengals since they are so inquisitive and active.

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