Do Bengal cats like to cuddle

Do Bengal Cats Like to Cuddle?

  • December 19, 2023

Since the Bengal cat is still considered to be somewhat of a newer breed of domestic cat, there are a lot of things that people often don’t quite understand about this beautiful cat. There is a lot of information out there but some of it can be misleading. This can lead to people misunderstanding the Bengal cat and this can be unfortunate for both the cat and the cat owner.  Something as simple as whether or not the Bengal cat likes to cuddle can even become an issue that people end up not understanding and we hope that this post will help you understand this beautiful member of the cat kingdom just a little bit more.

In this post we will review:

  • Basic Facts About the Bengal
  • Bengal Personality and Cuddling Traits
  • Be Informed

Basic Facts About the Bengal

One of the biggest things that seems to throw most people off is the name of this cat. Bengal. Despite the name Bengal cat, this lovely domesticated cat is in no way related to a tiger. It is also not related to a leopard nor is it a mini version of one. Plain and simple a Bengal cat is a domesticated cat.

Yes, they might be extremely exotic looking in their appearance, however, no matter how you look at them, they simply are not miniature wild cats! So, if you are looking to buy a cat that is a miniature wild cat, you should think again when it comes to the Bengal cat.

One very sad thing to realize that each year, there are people who misunderstand the Bengal cat, buy them and just abandon them or turn them into local animal shelters when they realize they’re just a “cat”. A special cat, but still just a cat, not an exotic.

Here are just a few general facts about this often-misunderstood breed:

  • They don’t need special food, they eat cat food just like any other cat.
  • They are one of the most intelligent breeds of cats.
  • They are extremely demanding.
  • Bengals are more active that other domestic breeds.
  • Love to be vocal and nosy.
  • Can be very territorial and predatory.
  • Fiercely loving to their family members.
  • Extremely easy to train.
  • Very loyal to their family.

Bengal Personality and Cuddling Traits

Bengal cats have unique personalities and if you are looking for a cat that will lie quietly on your lap or  one who will lazily lay in the rays of the sunshine all day, you will need to look elsewhere. The Bengal cat is one that simply will not be happy doing this.

This does not mean that they don’t love you and don’t want attention, it just means that they are high in energy, curiosity and intelligence and must have all of these traits satisfied.

Not only are these cats natural acrobats and always on the go, they are famous for their predatory skills so it’s advisable that they are kept indoors and it’s advised that you don’t own other very small pets like fish, birds and the like. Unless of course if you don’t mind them totally decimating the smaller wildlife population. It’s just the way they are.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a Bengal outdoors, it’s just that it should be under controlled conditions and best on a leash, since they are very easily trained, a leash is not unheard of.

Probably one of the most endearing personality traits of Bengal cats is how they interact with us. They are exceptionally affectionate and bond extremely well with their owners. Even though they do not often like to lay in their owners laps for long periods of time, does not mean they don’t like to cuddle. Take a look at this video as an example:

So, Bengal cats do like to cuddle, but, most often it will be on their own terms and not yours.

All Bengal cats no matter who they are, are going to be very talkative. They will generally develop some way in which they can communicate what they need and want from their owners. Bengals have a wide range of calls and meows they will use to get their message across to their owners. It’s up to the owner to learn what it is their Bengal is asking of them.

Here’s a wonderful example of a Bengal cat trying to get the point across:

Another very common personality trait is that they tend to love to follow their owners all around because they want to be involved in everything their humans are doing.

Bengals also tend to be similar to dogs when it comes to greeting their owners and will often greet them at the door, just like dogs.

Because of their intelligence and willingness to be trained, Bengals can often be trained to walk on a leash and love to go out for walks with their owners, much like dogs. In fact, many Bengal owners claim their Bengal acts more like a dog than other cats they’ve owned in the past.

Be Informed

If you are seriously considering adding a Bengal cat to your home, it’s really important that you educate yourself prior to committing to this wonderful cat. It’s important that you do your homework, especially about breeders in your area.

Make sure that you research at least three different breeders before choosing one and remember that a good breeder will not bill Bengals as “exotic” or “wild”, if they do, you should immediately walk away.  All truly reputable breeders will instead:

  • Not sell a kitten before it’s 13 weeks old.
  • All kittens will be eating solids successfully.
  • Kittens will already be litter trained.
  • Will be vaccinated, wormed and most often have temporary insurance.

It’s also suggested that you consider purchasing a good book about Bengal cats such as:

So, what did you think of our post? Did it give you a better idea of who Bengal cats are? Feel free to let us know your feelings by posting your own comment below!

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