Bengal Cats and Kittens - A Checklist for New Owners

So, it's finally happened.  

You're in the market for a Bengal cat or kitten and you've got enough cash to purchase the new (furry) member of your family.

We want to say that we're really happy you're making this decision.  Bengals deserve great homes and we hope that you'll give your cat unconditional love and companionship throughout their life.

That said, Bengal cats can be a little higher maintenance than other breeds and our goal is to help you understand what you need to get for them before they arrive.

It's in your best interest to get all of the requirements below before introducing the Bengal cat to their new environment, otherwise you may have issues introducing them to new items down the road.  

To make this process as easy as possible, we created the checklists below to help you understand what you'll need:


Highly Recommended Items

If you have everything you need and you're ready to buy your own Bengal cat, great!  Click here to find Bengal Breeders in your state that will be able to assist you in adopting a new Bengal cat.