How Smart is a Bengal Cat?

How Smart is a Bengal Cat?

  • April 28, 2023

To begin with, it’s no secret that Bengal cats are very active and extremely intelligent and this is couple of things that make Bengals a lot of fun to be around and to live with. Although, there are times when they can be somewhat challenging to live with. It won’t take long before you’ll start to realize that there isn’t a thing that will escape your Bengal cat’s interest or notice. This means you really need to make sure that you give them plenty of good things for them to notice so that their curiosity and need for knowledge goes astray. In this article we’ll cover the following:

  • The Bengal Cat’s Playfulness
  • Their Love for Water
  • They Love a Challenge

The Bengal Cats Playfulness

This is something that you will notice right off the bat, just how playful Bengal cats can be. They also never tend to lose that desire to be playful even into adulthood, so you’re always going to have a cat that is very active and playful no matter what their age might be.

When you own a Bengal, you need to make sure that you accommodate them for their desire to both play and explore because they love to find places where they can climb and areas where they can hide. This is why it’s a good idea that you buy a cat tree that have at least two different levels for them to explore and climb and if you want even more for them consider an elaborate set up for them that will keep them busy for hours on end. Bengal cats don’t like to get bored so make sure that you have a good climbing and exploration center for them.

If you have a family that has kids, a Bengal will be ideal for that type of situation. With as playful as kids are, your Bengal is going to be excited to have someone that is as curious and playful as they are. If you don’t have kids then you might want to consider getting a dog that is playful and is filled with energy.

It’s really important that the environment that you provide your Bengal with is one that is full of energy and has a lot going on. This is why it’s important that you have plenty of interesting and interactive toys on hand for your Bengal. This will give them the opportunity to not just have plenty of things to keep their interest but will also challenge their intelligence. Bengals love challenges and most of the time they won’t back down from any of them that they come up against. Here’s a video showing how you can teach your Bengal to play fetch:

With the fact that Bengals are extremely playful it’s up to you to make sure that you set aside plenty of time where the two of you can interact with one another. It’s important that you set aside a good period of time that works for you so that you and your Bengal can play together. Take time to teach your Bengal tricks, which they love to do, pretty much like a dog, and also consider playing games with your Bengal as well.

Some of the things that you can teach your Bengal are listed here:

Pretty much anything that you can teach a dog, you more than likely can teach your Bengal cat. So the things that you can teach them to do could be limitless. It’s up to you and your Bengal to decide what you want to do.

Often, if you don’t give them enough stimulation during the day to satisfy their curiosity you may find them teaching themselves their own tricks. Many things around the house can interest them and they will figure out how they work on their own. Some of those things are:

  • Learning to open up cabinet drawers and doors
  • Can learn how to open doors and windows
  • Love to play in dripping water
  • Love to drop toys and food in their water bowls (might be a good idea to keep their food away from their water bowls)
  • Learn to flush the toilet so they can watch the motion of the water as it drains down the toilet bowl (you might end ups with a clogged toilet if they toss a toy in the bowl as the water goes down the pipes)

Their Love for Water

While most other cats will do whatever they can to avoid getting even a single drop of water on them, Bengals are the total opposite. It’s almost as if Bengals are drawn to water like moths to a light. Don’t be surprised to find your Bengal up in the kitchen sink and playing with dishwater you might have in the sink or playing with dripping water from the faucet. This absolutely fascinates them when the water is found dripping from any water faucet.

Many people who own Bengals will often buy their Bengal a kiddie pool and fill it with water and cat toys to keep their Bengal occupied and happy. There are many Bengals who will enjoy batting around their toys in the water for long periods of time. Other owners have taught their Bengals how to swim, not all have the ability to swim at birth, just like people, this way their Bengals can get into big swimming pools with them and enjoy a nice fun and relaxing swim.

If you don’t have either kind of pool for your Bengal then don’t be surprised to find them trying to walk in the shower with you or even jumping into a bathtub filled with water. They also, like mentioned before, find a fascination of toilets and seem to be mesmerized at the swirling water going down the bowl. If you don’t want to have a watery mess in the bathroom it’s highly suggested that you keep the lid down on your toilet at all times.

If you don’t have a pool but still want to let your Bengal enjoy their love for water, you can always buy them what’s called a feline water fountain. This is something that most Bengals would really enjoy. It not only is something that will give them a source of drinking water but it combines that with their love for playing in water with their drinking water. Something very fun and interesting to Bengals.

Don’t misunderstand a Bengals interest in water something that’s going to give them the desire to do fancy tricks in a pool, like say jumping into the deep end of a pool. Most Bengals are not going to want to do that. More often than not they are going to be more interested in a toy that’s moving around on the surface of the pool than actually jumping into deep water. Below is a Bengal cat that loves to go swimming in above ground pool:

They Love a Challenge

One really great thing about Bengal cats is that they never seem to back down for a challenge. With this type of personality it makes it easier to train them to do things you want them to do. This is a wonderful trait, however, it can be one that can be an issue if you don’t provide them with enough challenges. If you’re gone for long periods of time during the day, it’s really important that you provide them with plenty of challenges. You should have at least one cat tree, better if you have more than one. Make sure that you have plenty of toys especially ones that are interactive as well as toys that will reward them for solving a puzzle.

Their desire to solve challenges can get them into a lot of trouble if you don’t offer challenges during the day while you’re gone. You might find them getting into drawers you don’t want them in where they may even take things out. They might open up cabinet doors and get into things they shouldn’t, especially things that might harm them. You also might discover they’ve figured out how to open a window or door to the outside and this could be life threatening to them if they were to get outside and hurt by other animals or even by a car. So, it’s really important that you make sure that you give them plenty of challenges so that they are kept happy most of the day while you’re gone.

Make sure that if you have shiny objects, especially things like jewelry laying around, you may not find it the next day. They tend to be attracted to items like this and will take that shiny object and find a good spot to hide it so they will always know where it is for future reference. So, you might want to put these types of things away, not the type of challenge you may want to offer your Bengal, if you love your jewelry.

We’ve created a list of the best toys for Bengal cats to keep them occupied while you’re away and you can find it here.

We hope this article helps you to see how intelligent and fun Bengal cats can be. Let us know what you think by leaving your comment below.

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