What is a bengal cat mixed with

What is a Bengal Cat Mixed With?

  • February 8, 2023

Bengal cats being a mixture of a wild cat and a domestic one is a fairly well known fact. But the domestic breed behind this unique and slightly wild cat is very important to its make-up. Let’s look further into the domestic breed’s influence on Bengals with these topics:

  • The Origin
  • The Breeds
  • What is a domestic shorthair?
  • How is the Bengal affected by the domestic shorthair genetics?

The Origin

The Bengal originated from the breeding of an Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) and a domestic shorthair. The breed line was furthered over the years because people found the breed to be an interesting and unique pet. Scientists also used Bengals to research treatments for Leukemia in both cats and humans.

The origination of the breed is a very important part of the breed because of its importance in research into a cure or treatments of Leukemia for cats and humans.

The Breeds

Asian Leopard Cats and domestic shorthairs being bred together doesn’t mean that the breeds are similar. It just means that the result is an amalgamation of the two breeds.

ALC’s are very different from domestic shorthairs. They are a wild cat, not just physically and mentally used to being in the wild, but also a wild cat that is a little too wild for a home setting.

The domestic shorthair, on the other hand, is well developed for a home setting. Domestic shorthairs, as cats, most epitomize what it means to be a domestic cat. They thoroughly show the best traits of domestic cats, from moussing to bathing.

Check out the video below to see a Bengal and its genetic cousin, a domestic shorthair cat, play fighting:

It’s these cats, the ALC and the domestic shorthair, that combine to create the beloved Bengal. Representing the best traits of both cats, Bengals bring into one cat the domestic cat traits that make cats such wonderful pets while bringing out the unique hybrid wild side so well demonstrated by the Bengal breed.

What is a domestic shorthair?

In the simplest terms, a domestic shorthair is a mutt. Cat Breeds Encyclopedia explains them as the stereotypical cat. Domestic shorthairs are the cats commonly known as kitty cats, pussy cats, alley cats, and the ever-popular hdouse cats.

Domestic shorthairs are a cat with no clear ancestry, a cat that could be or is a combination of multiple breeds, usually three or more. A cat whose mother was a purebred of one breed and father was a purebred of another breed is usually referred to as a mixed breed cat.

Domestic shorthairs are usually a larger combination of breeds than that. Three or more breeds bred together whether willingly or by strays. Rescue shelters commonly refer to their cats as domestic shorthairs because they are strays with unknown ancestry.

They may also be of an unknown combination of breeds. A mixed breed cat can be referred to as a domestic shorthair if the breed origin is unknown.

Domestic shorthairs usually don’t represent one or two breeds’ characteristics. They don’t act or seem like purebreds or mixed breeds. Therefore, they show just cat-like characteristics, or typical cat behavior.

They are average in height, weight, and appearance. They usually excel at moussing, tracking mouse, bugs, or toys around the house for the thrill of the hunt.

They don’t show usual traits specific to any one breed, so they just show off the best cat traits that they have.

How is the Bengal affected by the domestic shorthair genetics?

The varied breed inclusion going into Bengal cats effects their temperament. Two Bengals from two different litters can have slightly differing temperaments because of which domestic breeds were involved in breeding.

When buying a Bengal from the breeder, they may be able to tell the new owner all or at least part of the domestic origination of that particular Bengal.

If the domestic shorthair is typical to its name, shows the best domestic cat traits available, the Bengals born can be a great epitomizing of what makes cats such wonderful pets while still demonstrating the ALC wild side within.

The type of domestic shorthair being bred into a Bengal can affect the Bengals’ temperament and characteristics in an important way. But when the domestic shorthair ancestor shows off the best domestic cat traits available, it can make a Bengal that is a fun and typical cat-like friend and pet who also shows off its wild side.

So, what do you think about the breed mixture in Bengals?  Do you agree with what was said here?  Comment below to let us know!

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