Do bengal cats like to climb

Do Bengal Cats Like to Climb?

  • March 7, 2023

Wondering whether a Bengal cat would like to climb? Maybe an owner is looking into why their Bengal tries to climb all of the tall furniture in their home. Whether someone is looking into why they found their Bengal on top of the fridge or if someone is just curious as to whether a Bengal cat might illustrate this wild cat tendency, there’s a lot to take into concern about this so let’s look further into it with these topics:

  • Why do they have this urge?
  • Why it can be dangerous
  • Tips for safely climbing

Why do they have this urge?

To put it simply, Bengals like to climb because their ancestors did it.

Bengals come from a breeding between a domestic shorthair and the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC).The ALC in the Bengals’ blood gives them this inherited urge to climb up high.

Whether it’s part of their play or if being high up just makes the Bengal more comfortable, it can be an urge that can become very taxing on the owner if it isn’t being dealt with in an acceptable way.

This urge will be demonstrated in various but obvious ways. They all revolve around the Bengal getting higher up. It might be seen in a Bengal climbing up the window curtains or even just up the clothing on a human to sit on their shoulder.

Bengal Cat Helpline warns that an owner with a climbing obsessed Bengal might come home to find ornaments or picture frames knocked to the floor, and maybe the Bengal will even still be on the tall structure where those objects came from.

Check out the video below to see an example of some Bengals having fun climbing scratching posts and ledges:

This climbing urge might also be seen in the cat climbing up a door, onto the cupboards, or to the top of the refrigerator. Owners should be wary of this habit if they have a delicate heart, seeing their beloved pet jump straight to the ground from these high points may scare thoroughly.

Why it can be dangerous

Just like with swimming (and its associated risk of drowning), a Bengal cat’s urges can be dangerous at times.

Keeping an eye on a Bengal with this tendency is best for the cat’s health until a safer method of climbing can be found.

Even an experienced Bengal climber may land incorrectly when jumping down from their high perch. A broken leg, or possibly worse, may occur. And a high-energy Bengal will not be the most willing to rest and relax to heal a broken bone.

Preventing this kind of injury in the first place is best for the cat and the happiness of the owner.

Tips for safely climbing

Giving a Bengal a safe and acceptable way to climb can keep that Bengal cat acting like a good house pet and may even be the best for the cat’s health and happiness.

Cat Time suggests getting a cat tree when adopting or buying a Bengal cat can additionally avoid having holes in all of the curtains in the home.

Cat trees and tall scratching posts will give a Bengal cat a safe but effective way to indulge in the urge to climb without causing broken picture frames and maybe even broken limbs.

A tree with multiple levels is usually best because it gives a cat a place to stop and rest during climbing should they become too tired to continue to the top. It can also present multiple places for the cat to perch from and watch over the home.

Getting a cat tree that is either very sturdy or is anchored well is also very important when purchasing this climbing tool. This can prevent the tree from tipping over if the Bengal climbs too quickly or becomes rambunctious while alone on the tree, playing with another cat, or playing with another Bengal.

A sturdy or well anchored cat tree can also keep a Bengal safe should the tree be run into or knocked over with the Bengal or another cat sitting on or slipping in one of the levels of the tree. A resting Bengal will be pretty surprised if its nap is interrupted by its tree getting knocked over.

Just because a Bengal has the urge to do something, doesn’t mean it’s always the safest thing to do. Giving a Bengal who wants to climb up high a safe way to do so is very important for the health and happiness of that Bengal.

So, what do you think about climbing Bengals?  Do you agree with what was said here?  Comment below to let us know!

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