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how to introduce a bengal cat to other animals

How to Introduce a Bengal Cat to Other Animals

When it comes to introducing your Bengal cat to other animals, there really isn’t much difference in the Bengal than with other domestic cats, except that Bengals actually tend to be a lot more social than their counterparts. With that being said, often it’s a little easier for Bengals to hit it off with other […]

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Price of Bengal cat

What is the Price of a Bengal Cat?

A prospective Bengal owner may be looking into how much a Bengal cost, researching a breeder’s price, or deciding whether the breed is worth the cost. Whatever the reason, finding out how much these unique cats can cost. But what goes into this price? Let’s take a look into it with these topics: The specifics […]

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How to get a bengal cat

How to Get a Bengal Cat

Ready to get a new cat, but should it be a Bengal? And then where does a potential adopter go to get a Bengal? There’s a lot that goes into getting a Bengal so let’s delve further into this with these topics: Is this the right cat for you? Where to find a reputable breeder […]

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