How Fast Can Bengal Cats Run?

  • February 27, 2023

If you have a Bengal cat, you’ve probably seen them running rapidly around the house, which has led you to wonder about how fast Bengal cats run.

Like most housecats, Bengals can run between 30 and 35 miles per hour. But, let’s take a closer look at exactly how fast Bengal cats can run.

In this post, we’ll cover the following:

  • How Fast Can Bengal Cats Run?
  • How Do Bengal Cats Run Fast?
  • Why Do Bengal Cats Run Around?
  • What to Do If Your Bengal Cat Runs Away

How Fast Can Bengal Cats Run?

While domestic housecats have been clocked anywhere between 30 and 35 miles per hour, Bengals are known for being fast, which means they are most likely on the 35 miles per hour end of that scale.

What’s important to remember is that no two Bengals are alike and since some may have more domestic blood in them than others, every cat will run at its own speed. A Bengal cat that still has strong wild genes or is a higher percentage of Bengal will likely be able to run faster compared to one that has more domestic genes.

Here’s a video of a Bengal cat running fast in the woods with their owners:

How Do Bengal Cats Run Fast?

Bengal cats have long, powerful back legs. These allow them to jump high and climb well, but they also allow them to run fast. When you combine these strong back legs along with an energetic personality and the normal athletic build of a cat, you get a fast feline that has a hard time stopping once they get going.

The main physical feature of all cats that allow them to run fast is their flexibility. They are able to pull their legs up tightly beneath their bodies and then push their front and back legs out far, elongating their spine.

Bengal cats, like all felines, are designed this way for a reason. In the wild, they use their speed to chase down and catch their prey, and to escape from predators. In a home, they use it to catch their toys and to play with other animals and people in the house.

Why Do Bengal Cats Run Around?

Bengal cats have a lot of energy, which is why they spend their waking hours running around. If Bengals aren’t able to spend that energy playing or else running around the house, you may find that they become destructive or start to go crazy with boredom.

Because this breed needs to work off their extra energy, you need to make sure you’re providing a way for them to run around without them getting bored. Fortunately, there are a huge number of ways that you can do that.

Here are a few ways to help your Bengal cat use up their excess energy:

Take Them for a Walk

Bengal cats can be trained to walk on a leash, which is a great way to get them outside and safely exploring their environment. For many cats, this physical and mental stimulation is all they need to burn off their energy for the day so they can be calmer when at home with you. This is also a fun way that you can bond with your cat.

Get Them an Exercise Wheel

Exercise wheels are great for Bengal cats when you don’t have the time to devote to taking them out for a walk. These rotating wheels allow the cat to walk or run as much as they want! Fortunately, there are a large number of exercise wheels for you to choose from, so it’s easy to find one that’s perfect for you and your Bengal.

Play with Them

Bengal owners know that these cats love to play, so make sure you get plenty of toys for them, and then actually play with them. They may enjoy chasing around a little red dot if you get them a laser pointer, or they could have a blast with you and a cat dancer toy. If it seems like your cat isn’t enjoying the toy you got them, keep trying different toys until you find one they love!

What to Do If Your Bengal Cat Runs Away

Having your Bengal run away can be a scary event, but if you do experience your Bengal cat running away, there are some things that you can do about it:

Check the Yard

Cats are notorious for hiding, so if your Bengal has recently disappeared, check hiding places around your yard and the surrounding areas to see if you can locate them on your own. Since Bengal cats can squeeze into surprisingly small spaces, check places that you wouldn’t expect them to fit into and you may be in for a pleasant surprise.

Spread the Word

The most important thing you can do if you can’t quickly locate your Bengal on your own is to let everyone know that your cat is missing so they can be on the lookout. Start with your neighbors, and be sure to bring a high-quality photo of your cat so they know what to be keeping an eye out for.

Post pictures and a message about your cat being lost to social media and pet location groups, so other people can be aware of the problem and can also be looking for your cat. The more people that know about your cat that ran away, the more likely they are to be found!

Check Shelters

At least once a day, you should start calling all of the animal shelters and humane societies in your area about any newly-found cats to see if your cat has been found. If your Bengal has a microchip, then you may get a call when they arrive, or you may need to encourage workers to scan any new cats matching your Bengal’s description.

Be Patient

Because Bengals are smart and loyal cats, if they run away, they may return on their own, so try to stay calm as you keep working on finding your cat again. As fast as Bengals can run, they likely won’t want to run too far from you and their home, so try not to worry too much!

Do you have any stories about fast Bengals? If you have a fast Bengal cat that you think could win a race against a cheetah, let us know in the comments below; we’d love to hear from you!

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