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Bengal cat stuffed animal

Best Bengal Cat Stuffed Animal

Bengal cats are by far the most unique cat breed on the planet.  They love water, they moonlight as daring acrobats, love to “talk”, and frankly, are a really awesome cat breed. It’s no wonder that you’re here wondering what the best Bengal cat stuffed animal is.  After all, if any cat breed is deserving of a […]

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Best Bengal Cat Calendar

Ah yes, Bengal cats. Easily one of the most gorgeous looking felines that exist on the planet, and an attitude that make other cats look boring in comparison. So, what is it that you get somebody who has everything including a Bengal cat? Whether it’s yourself, a family member, a coworker, a friend, or even the […]

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What is a Snow Bengal Cat

What is a Snow Bengal Cat?

Bengal cats come in a variety of colors and patterns, and with all the names, it can leave you wondering what they all mean. For example, what is a snow Bengal cat? In this post, we’ll cover the following: What is a Snow Bengal Cat? What is a Seal Lynx Snow Bengal Cat? What is […]

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Do Bengal Cats Get Hairballs

Do Bengal Cats Get Hairballs?

There are many types of cats that get hairballs, but do Bengal cats get hairballs? It’s important to know because of the way it can affect the health of your cat. Although hairballs are most common in cats with long hair, any cat (including Bengals!) can get hairballs. In this post, we’re going to discuss […]

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Do Bengal Kittens Meow a Lot

Do Bengal Kittens Meow a Lot?

If you are looking into getting a Bengal kitten or already have one, you may be asking the question “do Bengal kittens meow a lot?” Since excessive meowing can be annoying, it’s a good thing to know before getting a kitten that will end up driving you crazy. The truth is that most Bengal kittens […]

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