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Do Bengal Cats Get Hairballs

Do Bengal Cats Get Hairballs?

There are many types of cats that get hairballs, but do Bengal cats get hairballs? It’s important to know because of the way it can affect the health of your cat. Although hairballs are most common in cats with long hair, any cat (including Bengals!) can get hairballs. In this post, we’re going to discuss […]

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When do Bengal Kittens Lose Their Teeth

When do Bengal Kittens Lose Their Teeth?

Bengal kittens are a lot of fun, but they can also leave owners with a lot of questions, including “when do Bengal kittens lose their teeth?” Losing their teeth is an important milestone for Bengal kittens and while the vast majority do so without any problems, there are also some things you need to know […]

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How Long is a Bengal Cat Pregnant For

How long does a Bengal cat stay pregnant?

If you are planning on breeding your Bengal cat or are simply curious, then you may wonder how long is a Bengal cat pregnant for. Bengal cats are pregnant for the same amount of time as other breeds of cats and dogs. Before we go on, it’s important to note that unless you are planning […]

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Do Bengal Kittens Shed

Do Bengal Kittens Shed?

The short answer is yes, Bengal kittens do shed. But more than answer the question of “Do Bengal kittens shed,” we’re going to provide you with everything you need to know about Bengal kittens shedding. In this post, we’re going to cover the following: Bengal Kitten Fur: What You Need to Know Why Bengal Kittens […]

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Why do Bengal Cats Pant

What is the reason for the Bengal Cats Pant?

While cats certainly aren’t known for panting like dogs, you may have observed your Bengal cat panting and are wondering “Why do Bengal cats pant?”. The truth is, there are several different reasons that Bengal cats pant, and we’re going to look at all of them today so you can know what to do about […]

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