Is a bengal cat right for me

Is a Bengal Cat Right for Me?

  • November 16, 2023

Cats of any breed can make wonderful and loving pets. However, there are some breeds that are far better for certain people. It’s really important that when you are deciding on what cat you want to include in your family, that they’re going to fit. This is true with Bengal cats. If you are wondering if a Bengal cat is right for you then it’s important that you know who the Bengal cat is so that you make an informed decision. In this post we will cover:

  • Bengal Cat Basics
  • Bengal Health & Appearance
  • Bengal Personality

Bengal Cat Basics

When you first lay eyes on a Bengal cat you can immediately notice a sort of wild like appearance to them. But, this shouldn’t scare you off because despite how they might appear, this is a cat that simply has a true heart of gold. In fact, the Bengal is rapidly becoming one of the most popular cat breeds in the cat kingdom.

Bengals are a hybrid breed of cat. What this means is that their true roots actually come from the cat wild kingdom by actually taking a domesticated cat and breeding it with a wild Asian Leopard Cat. The version of Bengal cats that we see today is the main result of Bengal cat to Bengal cat breeding. Only the Bengal cats that are at least four generations removed from their wild ancestors should be brought into your home as a pet.

When considering bringing one of these wonderful cats into your home it is important to understand that this is a cat that can be somewhat challenging to share your home with. They demand that they have a way to be constantly active and entertained and because they are so extremely intelligent, they can get bored very easily.

To be honest with you, this is not a cat for those who tend to prefer a more mellow breed. But, if you are the adventurous type, the Bengal cat can brighten your life in a way that no other breed of cat can.

Bengal Health & Appearance

One of the main reasons the Bengal cat was bred, was to create a cat that had the temperament of a domestic breed and the look of an exotic jungle cat. You will discover that Bengal cats are usually bigger than the average domestic house cat. Male Bengals usually weigh about 15 pounds on average and females weighing up to 12 pounds. This is an extremely powerful and muscular breed and their back legs are a little longer than their front. This gives them a wonderful looking stride when they walk and a leaping ability that far surpasses that of other cat breeds. Their head is broader than most cats but rounded.

They have wide noses, very strong cheekbones along with a distinctively strong chin. Their ears are usually small to medium and their eyes are oval and almost round, they are set apart wider than other cats and have a beautiful dark outline. The color of their eyes can be different shades of green including yellow-green and some may even have various shades of blue.

The fur of Bengals is extremely luxurious and is dense, silky, and short. They usually have spots or marbled patterns on their body. Their spots can be solid or they can be more like a leopard with two toned rosettes. Some Bengals however, are found to have a mixture of both patterns.

The color of their fur can vary greatly from brown/black tabby colors to shades of brown and often vary from a pale color to almost gray. Colors in vivid golds and coppers can be found as well. Another variety of fur can be found in the Snow Bengal, this version has fur that can be ivory, tan or cream with some darker spots and/or stripes of brown with blue eyes. There’s also the Silver Bengal that usually has pale gray to nearly white bodies that have dark gray to deep black patterns on their fur.

When it comes to the health of some Bengal cats, it is sad to say there are some who do have some health problems. Some of these problems are the result of some irresponsible breeding because of the cat’s popularity. There are some unfortunate Bengals born with disorders that can cause blindness in the very first year of life.

The Bengal cat also has a little higher risk of developing what is called hypertrophic cardio myopthy. This is a health condition that can result in the abnormal thickening of the heart.

Bengal Personality

The Bengal cat can be a challenging breed for some people to live with. This is because they still have some of their personality and physical attributes they inherited from their wild ancestors. This is not a cat that is going to stand for just laying around all day basking in the sun or curled up on your lap. Their personality traits can really keep you on your toes and it’s something that you need to be willing to accept if you want to share your life with them.

Bengals are extremely athletic, filled with energy and are considered the most intelligent of all domestic cats. This is a combination that can be difficult for some people if they’re not fully prepared to own one of these inquisitive and intelligent cats. They have a huge reputation for being able to open up all kinds of doors and drawers as seen in this video below:

Bengal cats tend to have personalities more like a dog and this means they need a lot of time for exercising and plenty of things to entertain them all through the day. One thing is for sure, Bengals never seem to get tired of playing. Even though they may not like being a house cat, it’s far better for their health and safety that their owners train them to stay inside. Bengal cats can easily be trained to walk on a leash. This means that your Bengal cat can remain a house cat that gets to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

Even though most Bengals are extremely loving, friendly and affectionate toward their owners, do not expect this breed of cat to be happy spending tons of time with you snuggling and cuddling. But, they will want to always get involved with any activities you might be doing around the house. Many of them especially love water and this means you can expect your Bengal to want to try and take a shower or even a bath with you. By the way, if you happen to have a fish tank around a Bengal, you might want to make sure that it has a tight lid on it.

Bengal cats are also known to be quite boisterous, love to talk and can be demanding when they want something. Often their meows are composed of some really unique barks and chirps, especially when they’re trying to grab your attention.

Bengals are extremely good hunters and it is still a very strong instinct for them to hunt for prey no matter how domesticated they are. So, it is not a good idea for you to own other small animals or birds, this could end up being a disaster for your small pets.

Bengal cats are unique and beautiful creatures that make them extremely special. It takes someone who is willing to work with the unique intelligence of this cat and it’s energy level to successfully coexist with one another.

So, what did you think of this post? Do you think that you are ready and willing to bring this wonderful cat into your home? Please let us know what your think by posting your comment below!

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