How to Breed a Bengal Cat

How to Breed a Bengal Cat

  • November 26, 2023

So, you have a sweet and lovable female Bengal cat and you are considering breeding her? If this is the case, you will want to make sure that the number one thing that you consider during all of this is the health and well-being of your furry companion. In this post we’ll try to give you a few pointers on how to safely and successfully breed your Bengal cat. Here’s what we will cover in this post:

  • Getting Your Female Ready
  • Finding the Right Male and Introducing Them
  • Important Things to Remember

Getting Your Female Ready

Before you do anything, it’s important that you know that your female is ready to breed. Make sure that you know she’s either in heat or soon will be before you take the time to go out and find her a worthy mate.

Make sure that you have a spot where you know will be safe and private for your Bengal cat during the meeting with her mate and their time together.

Make sure that you also provide her with a comfortable nesting box. This nesting box needs to be big enough for your Bengal cat to be able to walk into and also be able to move around in it comfortably.

You might use a small crate that is covered with a sheet or blanket so your cat has privacy.

It is really important that you make sure that you put your female Bengal on a very healthy diet before you even consider breeding her. This is not to say this is the only time she should be on a good diet, but it’s just that it’s extremely important when she becomes pregnant because she’ll pass on nutrients to her litter.

You might also want to add some nutritional supplements to her diet and keep giving them to her all during the pregnancy. Always make sure to avoid foods that have grain in them, these are just fillers that are unhealthy for your cat.

Once you feel your Bengal female is ready, it’s time to find her a mate and you want one that is specifically bred to be a stud.

Finding the Right Male and Introducing Them

When it comes to finding the right male (in the cat industry this is known as a “stud”) for your female, this is what is going to take some very careful planning and can be extremely time consuming. You are going to have to be patient because you want to make sure that the male you mate your Bengal with is of high quality and standards.

You will need to know your female extremely well so that you can find the male that has all the characteristics that your female doesn’t have. This will give your Bengal a better chance at giving birth to quality kittens.

Make sure that you do your research by calling different breeders and even talking to your vet getting their advice on where you can find the best suited mate for your mother to be.

Another good place for you to find out more information on studs would be TICA because they can give you information on breeders, registered breeds and other important information that can be helpful.

Both cats need to have clean bills of health, have all of their current shots and need to be parasite free.  Don’t pick just any stud here, it’s very important to find the right one that is healthy as can be.

Once you have found the right male to breed with your female with, you will need to introduce the two when she’s in heat. You will know when your female is in heat because most often when they are in heat they will be more vocal than they normally are.

They also tend to raise their tail ends into the air, especially if you scratch their backs. This can be a time period that often is short lasting only two or three days. However, there are some females that will actually stay in heat until you breed them.

Before leaving a male and female cat unattended to, you need to introduce them and make sure that they get along.  In some cases, they may seem like they absolutely hate each other.  But don’t worry, this is often because of territorial issues and you just need to keep an eye on them until it seems as if they are comfortable together.

After you have introduced your Bengal to her stud it’s important to put them in the secluded spot where they can be alone together for around 24 to 48 hours. This doesn’t mean to lock them in a room together, it just means you need to introduce them to the secluded spot and help them realize it is okay to mate in this area.

It also may take a couple of times of mating before your female actually conceives. You also need to try, if you can, to document any attempts at mating so that you can give some sort of estimation of a delivery date.

After you believe that the two Bengals have mated successfully it is important that you take your female to your vet to have a pregnancy test done on her. Often within just a few weeks you can tell yourself if she is pregnant, because her nipples can change to a dark pink and are bigger.

However, it’s still a good idea that your vet is aware of the pregnancy. There is one other thing you will notice, most often after the female has become pregnant they become extremely affectionate, something they normally aren’t otherwise.  If you notice this behavioral change it’s okay, this is completely normal.

Important Things to Remember

  • When you decide to breed your female Bengal you should wait until she’s one year or older and she should have already gone through a couple of heat cycles before you breed her.
  • If you happen to own the male that you are breeding her with it is perfectly okay for them to remain together all through the pregnancy. They will get along just fine.
  • The reason why it’s so important to know your cats estimated conception date is just in case there is some kind of emergency and your vet has to perform a C-section.
  • Remember the importance of picking the right mate with the right temperament. This will help avoid producing any kittens that might have aggressive tendencies.
  • Finally, when breeding your Bengal, never think of it as a way to become rich. That isn’t going to happen. Typically breeders that are in it for the money are motivated by the wrong reasons and it’s much better to be a “hobby” breeder instead of someone who is in it for the money.

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